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Greater Than Bradman - Rudolph Lambert Fernandez


Many books have challenged Bradman’s iconic social and cultural status, but this book, Greater Than Bradman: Celebrating Sachin, The Greatest Batsman In Cricket History challenges Bradman’s rank as a batsman.

It is the first to offer a detailed comparison between the two cricket legends and aims to break new ground by proving that one is greater.

It invites sportsmen, historians, statisticians, critics, writers, fans, fanatics and students of sport history to take a closer look at how enduring greatness in sport is recorded and rewarded.

It isn’t a biography or a hagiography...of either Bradman or Sachin. There are many of those already. It is, instead, an unprecedented attempt to set the record straight.

"Bradman will always be the greatest batsman of his time: nothing and no one can take that away from him," author Rudolph Lambert Fernandez says.

"While the point of this book has been to demonstrate the vast differences between these two great players and Sachin’s infinite superiority, it would be a pity if this were to be read as scorning the similarities between them – their desire to dominate, their eagerness to excel, their genius.

"Thankfully, these have been celebrated no end by other writers."


Price: £9.99 paperback, £3.07 Kindle

214 pages

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