Green Relief - Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green Relief - Health Benefits Of Green Tea
Green Relief - Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has received a huge amount of attention over the last few years for its apparent ability to aid with weight loss, but this simple drink could hold many more benefits and new research supports its use in helping the millions in the UK who suffer with osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis affects around 8.5 million people (1) in the UK and is the most common form of arthritis, causing pain and inflammation of the joints. Whilst there are numerous anti-inflammatory drugs that can be taken by osteoarthritis many of them have side effects so a recent report (2) published in the leading journal ‘Arthritis Research and Therapy’ will come as great news to those that suffer with the condition.

The report, published last month, looked at studies that had been carried out using an extract from green tea, known as a ‘green tea polyphenol’.

One of the main molecules that causes inflammation in osteoarthritis is something called a cytokine. The researchers found that the green tea polyphenol was able to reduce the effect of cytokines in human cells and also lower the production of other molecules involved in the inflammatory process.

The study has large implications for those suffering with osteoarthritis as it indicates that green tea may provide a cheap and effective way to help reduce reliance on drugs.

Which green tea?

The exciting new Green Tea Diet Blend from Natur Boutique has been specifically created to harness the health benefits of green tea in a tasty way aiming to make it more appealing to everyone.

The blend combines green tea with the rare and exotic Java tea (Orthosiphon stamineus), which is a powerful antioxidant (3, 4), and therefore aids the body with removal of unwanted waste molecules safely. Java tea has also been seen to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties3.

The blend also contains Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) offering a friendly sweetness to the tea.

Natur Boutique's Green Tea Blend is available from

Those with high blood pressure or pregnant women should consult a doctor before using liquorice products.


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