Guide to the Top Sports Betting Strategies

Guide to the Top Sports Betting Strategies

Sports betting is best practiced when originating from the love of the game, but it takes a lot more than that to achieve success. The appearance and rapid rise of online bookmakers made this practice all the more attractive, which is why it is essential that everyone are informed about the proper way of getting into it.

Betting online does have a few key considerations, but once you are able to distinguish reliable operators, set up your account and make the proper picks, it is time to set the stake amount. Betting strategies, also known as staking strategies, can help you improve your online sports betting experience, and ultimately optimize it once you determine the right one for your specific needs. Prior to going through these staking strategies, remember to set up a bankroll, a specific sports betting fund, or more simply put, the money you can afford to lose on sports betting without a drastic effect on your quality of life.


Fixed Betting Strategy

This is the basic staking strategy that is normally suggested to beginners and punters who are looking to get into betting on a new sport they are less familiar with. It is extremely simple, as it requires punters to determine a set amount, $10 per say, and stick to it for every bet they make, regardless of their odds and the bettor’s estimates.


Proportional Betting Strategy

This is yet another betting strategy that suits less experienced sports bettors due to its low-risk nature. Unlike the previous case, for this strategy, bettors need to establish a set percentage of their bankroll that they will use for every bet they make. This means, if they start off with a $100 bankroll and use 10% of it, their stake would be $10. If they win another $10, their total bankroll amount would be $110, and 10% of it would turn into $11. Hence, punters will be able to stake $11 for the following bet.


Martingale Strategy

The Martingale staking strategy is recommendable for more experienced punters due to its risky nature instead of its complexity. The strategy is extremely simple, in fact, as it requires bettors to start with a specific bet amount of their choosing, and keep the same amount for the next bet as long as they win. Should they lose the bet, their next stake should be double the amount of the losing one. While this strategy guarantees a return on investment, it may require a more massive bankroll.

Fibonacci Betting Strategy

Applying mathematics through the Fibonacci sequence is at the basis of this betting strategy. It represents a sum of the two previous numbers, considering that it starts with the necessary 0 and 1, in the following manner - 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 and so on. All punters need to do is set up a single unit bet, since you can’t bet $0 – if you win, the amount stays the same, but if you lose, it increases based on the following number in the sequence.     

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