Haka'd But Love It - A Better Week

I was able to get on to the water this week
I was able to get on to the water this week
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Following a good performance in the last session of the day last week it was imperative that we started the second day against Kaipra in the same manner, playing with a strong intensity and with fight if we were to surpass their big total.

Although we didn’t go past their score, which was always going to be a massive task, the boys performed excellently and we finished on 281 meaning the game finished in a draw. There were a lot of positives for sure and we can take a lot of confidence going in to our two day game this weekend against Boys High, a game we really should be winning.

On an individual note my form since the Christmas break hasn’t been as good as I would have liked, having scored 0 and 25 but on Saturday although I only scored 27 I definitely felt a lot more comfortable at the crease and was finding the middle of the bat right from ball one.

And although it was frustrating doing all the hard work of getting myself in and getting used to the pace of the pitch just to give it away, I am feeling a lot more confident going into this fixture and hopefully I will be able to make a telling contribution.

Unfortunately on Saturday night a few of the boys' cars including my own got broken into and their windows smashed. Luckily for me nothing was stolen. However, it has been a frustrating week having to get the windows fixed and cleaned up. Our captain Brad wasn’t so lucky as he had all his cricket kit stolen out of his car which he only got two weeks ago.

This week I’ve done all my daily training and gym work but I was also lucky enough to do a day’s deep sea fishing with a few of the lads. It was great being able to get out on the water with mates having a few beers even though the fishing wasn’t particularly successful and I definitely want to go more before I leave.

The best part of the day though was certainly when a Mako shark decided to swim right up to the boat to have a look.

Me and a few others went up to the Bay Of Islands again on Thursday for a night out. The same night as the Kiwi experience tour buses full of young travellers came to town. The bars of Paihia were full of travellers from all over the world, mainly Europe. So as you can imagine, to put it lightly, it was absolute carnage!

The family I live with have been away this week so I’ve been left at home with their son Tom, who, if I’m being honest is absolutely useless domestically. So it’s been down to me to make sure all the house work and all the cooking has been done.

It’s amazing how much time doing all that sort of stuff takes. I now definitely feel sorry for people who have to do it all day every day.

This coming Sunday and Monday we have India playing here in Whangarei against a New Zealand XI. It should be a great couple of days, especially Sunday as I’ll be in the hospitality area.

But more importantly let’s hope both myself and OC have a successful weekend, fingers crossed.

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Will Edwards - Haka

My name is William Edwards, I’m 19 years old and an opening batsman. I am spending the winter here in New Zealand’s North Island as an overseas professional for Onerahi Central cricket club (OC).

Throughout my time here I will be describing what I get up to, the experiences I pick up and what exactly is expected of me as an overseas professional. Back home in England I have played for teams such as Leicestershire CCC 2nd XI and Academy and Lincolnshire CCC 1st XI.