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Has Cricket Experienced its 'Renaissance' Yet?

India's Rohit Sharma
India's Rohit Sharma
India's Manish Pandey dives in the field
India's Manish Pandey dives in the field

Its History

Europe has always been known to be a nation of innovation and excellence, even in the virtual universe. Take a look at the incredible contribution they've made, for instance, in diverse industries and commercial sectors such as, the automobile industry (Mercedes-Benz), aviation (British Aerospace) and the iGaming industry and live game streaming (GGPoker) as just a few examples.

The same can be said with Cricket, which was invented by the English. Essentially, it was about well-off gentlemen participating in the game and using their money to invest in the necessary equipment that's needed to play. So, the game never had any humble beginnings, and, back then, it wasn't a game that could be played by just anyone.

Today, we find that the game still maintains its basic rules in gameplay and remains hosted in some of the most exquisite stadiums. However, cricket players of today can come from all walks of life regardless of their background, family background, social status, and income. 

Since being part of the best cricket teams around is now about technique and skill, this shows us the turn and change of nature that the game has taken.


The Rules of the Game

To this day, Cricket remains one of the most complicated sports games to try and understand. There are hundreds of written and unwritten laws that form how the cricket gameplay should go. And now and then, the rules are changed as the game evolves. This is particularly interesting when we look at the turnout of events during big matches like the Cricket World Cup. Remember when the umpires in 2007's game brought much controversy when they made a verdict regarding the light. This baffled almost everyone at the game and brought about much confusion in analyzing the gameplay.

So, again, we see evidence of yet another instance of where Cricket is constantly undergoing change.



As we already mentioned, Cricket hasn't always been for just anybody. Initially, the sport had a more casual nature meant for the affluent during leisure or perhaps even business. We could perhaps match it to the golf of today, where affluent people come together for leisure to discuss business or politics.

But with council bodies such as the ICC (International Cricket Council), there's been a significant shift in recognizing leading nations in power of the sport. If we look at countries like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, these are powerful and influential Asian nations passionate about the game. The ICC cannot simply ignore the massive following of the sport on that side of the world. If the ICC intends on increasing the sport's popularity and potential, it needs to exploit all leading nations in the sport. Thinking of it, presently, the top 3 best cricket players in the world are from India and Pakistan.

Thankfully, we gradually see the shift. Look at how much recognition the Indian Premier League has received over the years. Recently, it was announced that India would be hosting the 2021 ICC Champions Trophy and the 2023 ODI World Cup. This is a significant milestone for the nation as this would be a first for them.


Innovation and Entertainment

Babar Azam, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Ross Taylor. These are the top cricket players in the world. With every best player comes a unique winning technique that they each use. Yes, there is a manual that each player receives to know the rules of the game, but every unique technique by each player brings about a new level of innovation. This new innovative streak immediately translates into entertainment. It indirectly steers us into realizing that those small silent contributions and changes from players have made it big in the industry.



This goes without saying that spectators and investors are drawn into innovation and something new. This, therefore, means that the cricket game has to go through its period of renaissance to reach the ultimate level of recognition and popularity that it needs.

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