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Have you ever played in a game where one of your team mates or the opposition got injured?

Insurance first aid
Insurance first aid

With a hard ball / hard bat game, minor and occasionally serious injuries can happen.

We had a visiting senior public services employee break his leg trying to field on the boundary one week. Very painful and apparently he wasn't covered under his occupational sick pay scheme for his subsesquent loss of wages. 

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What about a serious injury such as someone getting hit in the face, or falling down the pavilion steps?  A team mate of mine had to be rushed to hospital after impaling himself on a fence he was climbing over to retrieve a six hit.

Worst case scenario, what about someone dying whilst playing cricket?  Sadly these events can happen - a veteran club mate of mine sadly died whilst going for a sharp single, and we paid a claim on a bowler who had a heart attack during his follow through.

So, although Cricket may not be considered to be a “dangerous sport”, accidents and unforeseeable health events can and do occur.

We provide cover for Accidental Death (whilst practising, playing, training or travelling) and Permanent Total Disablement following serious injury.

We also provide capital benefits for loss of a limb, loss or sight or hearing.

More importantly, for those not covered by a company sick pay scheme we provide cover for wages lost as a result of a cricketing injury, as well as dental work, physiotherapy and non-NHS Medical Expenses, all subject to our underwriting criteria, terms and conditions.

It is already compulsory for Football Clubs to buy personal accident cover for their players, and cricket clubs have a greater duty of care towards their members than ever before.

Call me now on 01883 333352 to see how we can help you insure your members.

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