Hick To Miss Out On Final Matches For Worcestershire

Worcestershire County Cricket Club batsman Graeme Hick will miss his own send off match due to injury. Hick made the emotional decision after aggravating an elbow injury against Middlesex at Kidderminster on Sunday. Hick was due to bow out following Worcestershire's final game of the season against Glamorgan Dragons in the NatWest Pro40 play-off. In an exclusive interview with Setanta Sports News Hick said: "It's been a real mixture of emotion. Especially when the Middlesex guys lined up as I walked out. I've got some nice memories of it. Unfortunately with my elbow not being right, I didn't really enjoy the fielding side of it. I don't feel like I did my job properly. "I'm not 100%. I made my decision as if it were mid season and whether or not I felt I would do myself, and the rest of the guys, justice on the field. The decision was made without the added emotion of it being my last game." Hick made his debut for Worcestershire in 1984 and scored a staggering 64,372 runs in all forms of cricket. Of all the changes to the game, Hick admitted he wouldn’t miss modern warm-up exercises. "They need to be done, they're an important part of preparation, but they're an absolute bind. We used to sit and have a cup of tea. Damian D'Oliveira and I used to walk out, he'd have a fag, and we’d have a few throw downs, have a few slip catches and walk back in. That was it. Nowadays it's all laps and cones." While Hick is happy with his achievements at club level, he harbours some regret about his form with the national team. "If I have anything that I'd like to change, it would to have been more consistent for England and to actually have a period in the side when I wasn't dropped. In the end I was in and out of the side every year." © Setanta Sports News
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