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History of Cricket Betting in UK

Canterbury Ground circa 1900
Canterbury Ground circa 1900
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Cricket is said to have started in the late 16th Century. The game started in Southern England and was initially known as Creckett. There are several historical references of kids playing a game of Creckett as early as 1530. It is thought that the game could have been developed by children who lived near the wooded regions near Kent and Sussex. 

There is another theory that claims that the game could have originated in France or Flanders in the 12th Century. The name cricket is derived from the older Creckett. Creckett was borrowed from Dutch, and it means a stick. The modern-day bat used in cricket, was, therefore, the source of the name of the game.

The sport has developed a lot over the years with new features being added to increase its popularity and excitement. If you want to experience new features like live cricket betting, then click here.

Competitive Cricket

Historical records indicate that by the 17th Century, cricket had changed from a simple pastime activity for bored kids, into a competitive game. Accounts of the Civil war document instances where Parish teams were competing against each other. At that time, however, there were still no country-level tournaments. Countries had not invested in the game, and it was still largely a fun pastime at the village level.

The development of cricket as a competitive sport was adversely affected by the civil war. After the war ended, the government installed new laws that outlawed all manner of organized sports, including football and cricket, as they referred to them as unlawful assemblies. 

People were also to observe the Sabbath strictly, and since this was the only free time lower classes in the society had, there was little time left for play. It was during this time that cricket’s popularity took a major hit.

The Restoration and Renewal of Interest in Cricket

Cricket’s glory was restored when the puritan government got replaced by the Stuart Monarchy in the 1660s. The restoration brought about much-needed reforms in government, and among them were less stringent restrictions for the citizens. 

In 1664, the gaming act was passed into law. It was at this time when the largest wave of gamblers, interested in cricket, made their entrance into the world of cricket gaming. At the time, the maximum that you could bet was 100 pounds, but it was still a lot. By 1700, many people had started following cricket and placing bets on their favourite teams. 

Sponsoring Cricket Tournaments

The popularity of a sport flourishes when the financial angle is introduced. Cricket became a nationwide sensation when people started betting, and the gambling sector started generating revenue. With time, the teams started getting patrons and sponsors, and local teams employed the most qualified cricket experts to manage and train their teams for success.

In the early days, reporters and news anchors focused more on the gambling aspect rather than the skill and technique of the players. This was understandable since 100 pounds at the time is roughly equivalent to 14,000 pounds today. 

However, there was a turnaround in the way the press handles cricket later. The media’s attention shifted to the players, as it should have been from the beginning. 

This, however, does not mean that the gambling ended. Some of the biggest scandals to ever rock the world of sports were connected to cricket. Fortunately, the scandals did not ruin the reputation of the game. Instead, they created the necessity of coming up with regulatory bodies and measures to make sure that mistakes are never repeated. 

Bookmakers are still earning massive benefits from cricket, up to date, which is why it is one of the most popular sports which people bet on.

Gaming in today’s World of Cricket

The advent of the internet changed the world of cricket forever. Before the internet, betting was quite simple; you would visit the bookies and place your bet. Then, you would wait for the results to see how your team did.

With the internet, the gaming companies analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, they give you odds and explain them. They also make sure you are updated on the progress of the game by the minute.

There is also the in-game betting trend where you can change your odds up to a certain extent, as the game goes on. 


Cricket as a game, let alone cricket gambling has come a long way. It’s hard to believe that there was a time it was considered as an unlawful assembly. Thankfully, a change in governance allowed cricket to thrive and now we can enjoy cricket gambling. 

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