How are your cricket matches going to be recorded and scored in 2018?

As you may know, how cricket is being scored and recorded is changing fast in this ever increasing world of technology, wireless networks and mobile devices.

PV Match have recently announced an endorsement by Cricket South Africa and will be broadcasting (via the PV Match system) the South Africa Nationals in December this year, so tune in and see it all in action!

How cricket news and information is being broadcast and recorded, from the top flight test and county arenas to club and school cricket, is also changing rapidly. It’s now all about cricketers and cricket fans consuming news, information and live action on their phones and tablets. Keeping up to date with what is happening in the now…… sharing, liking and saving.

Away with the traditional scorebook and camera…… in with PV Match – a whole new ball game….

A cricket scoring system with online scorecards updated in real-time and fully edited Video with up to 3 cameras.

A cricket scoring system that brings all the social media tools together with the  ‘one-push’ sharing of scores, video highlights, and stats to Facebook, Twitter and the PV App.

A cricket scoring system that works for up to 9 hours without mains power or internet connection.

Now everyone has the ability to see more than just their scores, they can see exactly what happens, as it happens and re-live and share the moment.

How is your League, Club or School going to capture the match-day experience in 2018?

Can you improve on how your team performance is reflected and shared across social media?

Could you improve your sponsor revenues through video exposure or improve a player’s technique, or could you do with keeping friends and family more engaged and involved?

Check out what these clubs say about Pitch Vision and PV Match…….

Rob Maggs – Bath CC – Cricket Manager
2017 has been a great season for Bath CC – 1 st XI Premiership Champions, last 8 in the National Club Championship and winners of the County T20. 2XI finished mid table and 3rd XI and 4th XI were promoted. We will have the PV Match system for the 2018 season and are really excited about how we can use this new system for live streaming of matches, performance analysis and coaching data for our players – particularly in forwarding match data to County Academies.

The pricing is excellent for the one camera system and it is a great opportunity for all clubs and schools for developing players with this tool, as well as increasing engagement and interest amongst members and potential members of the club.

Aston Rowant Cricket Club - Wesley Morrick, Director of Cricket
Pitch Vision is  a truly fantastic innovation in Coaching and scoring. The ability to actively use pin point analysis and give accurate visual evidence whilst coaching players of all ages is immensely advantageous. The brilliant new PV Match scoring system is ripping a lot of stumps out in the scoring world, I'm sure, as it seems to be growing more and more popular amongst all our players and scorers, not to mention many cricket Badgers about!

West of Scotland Cricket Club
WOSCC are looking forward to making PV Match an addition to the club in 2018. The social media sharing function will help us push live coverage out to our large following here and around the world. We will use it to put WOSCC on the map. We know it will take our coaching program to a new level with match footage adding to training footage already captured by PV/ONE, all sitting in the Portal for player and coach review instantaneously

Ealing Cricket Club  - Tom Moreton, Director of Cricket
There are plenty of club cricketers with high aspirations. Whilst the gap between club cricket and the professional game is becoming wider, initiatives like this are great for supporting those looking to develop their game and take it to the next level. It's important for clubs to recognise this and support these individuals in reaching their true potential.

So here’s a quick recap of the key points of what is on offer from PV Match…….

  • A scoring system with online scorecards updated in real-time with fully edited Video from up to 3 cameras.
  • A scoring system with ‘one-push’ sharing of scores, video highlights, and stats to Facebook, Twitter and the PV App.
  • A scoring system that works for up to 9 hours entirely without mains power or internet connection.
  • A scoring system with the easiest-to-use scoring software in world.
  • A video scoring system that fits in a backpack and takes 15minutes to set up and start operating.
  • A system that’s comes backed up by a 3-year national contract with and endorsed by Cricket South Africa
  • A video scoring system with no compulsory fees or paywall, no ongoing annual licence fees or hidden costs?
  • A system that is already ‘Live Streaming ready’ with live streaming options available from March 2018.

Please click for here more information and to pre order for  the 2018 cricket season!