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How Cricketers Unwind During Tour Downtime

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ICC Cricket World Cup

Touring as a cricketer is just a part of the job, especially for those players who feature in international test team setups.

Five-day test series can drag on for weeks or months and while they provide unrivalled entertainment for everyone from sports bettors to cricket stats aficionados, it can all get a bit wearing for the players themselves. Often it is those teams whose management staff know how to keep their players entertained and upbeat on a tour who find that their sides perform best in the end. While heading out to the casino or a theatre is not always an option in some of the far-flung places that cricketers ply their trade, there are now many online resources that enable them to find great deals and the best gaming and entertainment providers out there. Here we delve into exactly how online technology is enabling cricketers to ride out even the most arduous of tours.

Finding the Right Roommate

It is still very much the case that cricket boards will try to save money by having their players lodge together in shared rooms, with perhaps only the true superstars of the game getting to have their own private suites.

It is therefore imperative that players find a roommate who they can hold proper conversations with, and who will help them through some of the more difficult moments on tour. After all, no one wants to get stuck with that one player who does not shower enough or who spends their entire time glued to social media, in silence.

Being Equipped with Plenty of Downloaded Series and Movies

Touring is not just all about playing games, with coaching and training staff always ensuring that a touring team has a schedule to adhere to, so that they remain fit and healthy for upcoming challenges. That said, to recover from all that preparation and training, players need to ensure they give their bodies adequate time to rest and heal.

Sleep is the best cure for most aches and pains, but oversleeping can also be detrimental to the performance of a pro athlete and so it is important to have lots of entertainment to hand. Because it may not be possible to stream movies, TV shows or music in certain countries, it is worth a player’s while to download as much entertainment content as they can in advance. No one wants to be left having to watch the 24-hour news loop, for wont of anything better to watch.

Having Access to Online Games

While series and movies are all well and good, they do not always provide the sort of mental stimulation that an online game can. With even the most remote hotels these days having Wi-Fi, online games are more accessible than ever, with everything from casino games all the way through to multiplayer battle royale games being available. Indeed, players can now even invite their teammates to join games from whichever other rooms they are based in the hotel, meaning that gaming can be a team bonding exercise if done the right way.

Remembering to Leave the Hotel and Soak up Local Culture

At this point it is clear that having lots of entertainment to hand in a touring hotel is of paramount importance, but it is also advised for players to escape their sterile hotel environment, to go and mix a little with the locals. Most cricketing nations such as New Zealand, the West indies, and India have incredible cultures and sights to sample and explore, all of which are things that can help a player unwind and feel good about spending such an extended period of time away from home.