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How Digital Cricket is Evolving within the Gaming Industry

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala, India
Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala, India

In spite of the incredible success of the sport itself, it can be all too easy for cricket fans to feel as though the game is largely ignored by mainstream gaming developers.While football enjoys a new FIFA titles each and every year, and wrestling fans have been able to enjoy WWE 2K20 (although it looks as though 2K21 will remain a pipe dream for now), cricket fans still struggle to find titles that truly live up to the sport.

There are, however, plenty of excellent titles available to fans of cricket – and there is plenty more on the horizon to look forward to in the coming years. Read more below about the ways in which cricket has evolved – and continues to evolve – within the world of gaming.


Gaming Now

For Australians, the vast majority of gaming boils down to a few key trends. Any niche, however much weight it holds outside of the world of gaming, will need to keep up with the industry’s frontrunners in order to gain any real traction.

For the most part, the bulk of gaming in Australia takes place online. In the realm of the digital casino – one of the longest running and most popular industries online – innumerable players log on every day to find no deposit bonuses, and the crossover between the sporting world and online casinos is one of the most powerful driving forces behind the success of the genre. This is mirrored in the realm of sports betting, where cricket remains one of the most popular sports among Australian fans.

But, in the realm of Triple-A titles, the pickings remain relatively slim. In 2015, Don Bradman Cricket was brought to eager fans and, released just last year, Cricket 19 came out on the Xbox, PlayStation and Switch to reasonably strong reviews from fans and critics. The online co-op feature became a strong selling point for the title, as it enabled fans to come together and share their love of the sport within the wider gaming community. If the past releases are to be used as a guide, then we should anticipate a sequel in 2021.


Gaming in the Future

vSports stand among some of the most anticipated technologies in the gaming world. While VR’s entrance onto the mainstream has been a little (or, a lot) slower than many of us first anticipated, progress is being consistently made into ensuring that this technology offers more widespread appeal to gaming communities.

iBCricket, for instance, is an incredibly popular vSports experience that offers players the opportunity to join the stars in some of the most prestigious and revered stadiums across the globe. More than a game, iBCricket offers a fully immersive experience like no other, and enables the nuances of the sport to truly shine outside of the constraints of console-based gameplay.

While iBCricket remains outside the scope of most gamers, it does signal a more definitive move within the wider gaming world toward cricket as a playable game. While football may have taken the spotlight for many years, developments within the gaming world are opening up new avenues through which to explore the sport more closely, and to break free from the standard button-based systems which have defined the sport games for many years.

For anyone with a keen interest in cricket and gaming, there are plenty of ways to explore – and interact with – the sport, and the continued evolution of the gaming community promises to open up plenty more avenues for cricket in the coming years.