How does Fidel Edwards bowl at 90mph?

Fidel Edwards
Fidel Edwards manages to bowl at 90mph despite not having the most orthodox of bowling actions
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At Twenty20 Finals Day there was a lot of focus on Fidel Edwards bowling at 90mph with a massively bent front leg; you are probably thinking: "I thought you need a braced front leg to be able to bowl fast."

So to clarify.

Fidel Edwards bowls with a bent front leg, yes we can see that.

However he still bowled 90mph!

He bowls this pace DESPITE losing energy, momentum, and his right side from flexing on FfC not BECAUSE of it.

It's not the ideal way to bowl, however he has a long arm pull which helps him bowl that fast.

So he has other key points that make up for the flaw in his front leg.

Braced front leg is the most biomechanically efficient and effective way to bowl and throw a javelin.

However if you don't then it doesn't mean you won't be fast but you are missing a large percentage of energy up the KINETIC CHAIN and you'll need to make up for it somewhere higher up (long arm pull-slinger!).

This may lead to injury because you're putting too much stress somewhere else.

I know he's been injured but don't know where.

May not be connected.

So all I'm saying is there is an ideal bowling action that I would teach all young bowlers and that includes a braced front leg.

Despite what some say it can be coached but relies on the bowler doing the drills.

However it does place different stresses on the knee .

Some may struggle with it because physiologically they can't.

I couldnt because I believe my hamstring flexibility was poor and when I extend my leg forcefully the GTO switched on and stopped me bracing.

However I also didn't realise its importance otherwise I would have worked on it.

So please understand it's not about building robots with the same action, its about educating bowlers on what is the most effective and efficient action but it needs to be right for them.

Keep an open mind and think differently.

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