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How does Online Betting Work with Cricket?

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IPL action

Betting on cricket at online sportsbooks is a relatively easy thing to do. You look through the different options, choose the one you like the best and then place your bet. It really is as simple as that. However, despite the simple nature of cricket betting at first glance, there is actually more depth to it than you might think. We’ve taken a look at some of the more complex cricket betting options and shown you how to navigate your way through what’s on offer. Take a look at our guide to improve your online cricket betting experience.


What can you Bet on?

Cricket generally tends to offer the same types of bets that most sports offer. So, you are able to bet on the outcome of games as well as the outcome of tournaments. This is the most common kind of bet that players tend to focus on, mainly because it’s the easiest to understand, especially for a newcomer to sports betting. The outcome of games and tournaments isn’t the only aspect of Cricket that you can wager on though, there are actually quite a substantial number of different betting options.

The first main market that’s offered for Cricket is the over/under market. This allows players to choose a certain metric within the game and then bet on if you think that the game will end up over or under this marker. An example of this could be the number of runs that are made by a certain team. So, if you think that South Africa will score more than 250 runs in the game then you would place a wager on there being over 250 runs for South Africa. As long as they score more than 250 runs you will win your bet. Of course, it can be used to wager on different metrics as well, it doesn’t always have to be the number of runs. It doesn’t always have to be based on the teams either. So it could be based on the performance of a player too. So if you think a specific batsman is going to perform in a game, you can place a wager on that.

Cricket also offers a number of different inplay betting markets. Here players are able to bet on a game that is already underway. This will offer the opportunity to watch the game and see how it is panning out. From there players are able to make an informed decision on what they think will happen. For example, if a batter is getting rattled by a series of fast bowls, it might be worth placing a bet on the next mode of dismissal being bowled. Inplay betting markets tend to offer better odds than betting before the game has started, because you will also be able to judge how the game is going based on what you are seeing, you can sometimes find much better value when betting on an inplay market.

There are plenty of other markets out there for players to choose from, so it’s well worth looking into which area you feel is the best for your needs.


How to Start Cricket Betting?

The best way to start Cricket betting is to find an online bookmaker. There are many different choices out there, so it’s worth looking into which is the best for your needs. Checking out online bookmaker reviews is the best way to discover this. Here you will be able to find out which sites offer the best odds, best bonuses and widest ranges of betting options.

Once you’ve found the right bookmaker for you, you just have to sign up. As soon as you have signed up to the bookmaker and made a deposit to your account then you can begin playing. Just look through the different games that are available, find the market that you are most comfortable with and then you can easily place a wager.

Just remember that if you want to take part in the inplay betting markets then you will need to do two things. Firstly, make sure that you have signed up to a bookmaker that offers an inplay option. Secondly, the game will have needed to be already underway. If it’s not being currently played, then you won’t be able to place an inplay bet. As long as these are in place then you will be able to carry out inplay betting.


Creating a Betting Strategy

This is an area that many players aren’t quite sure of how to proceed. A betting strategy is something that seasoned bettors carry out in order to try and increase their chances of winning. Creating one isn’t an easy process, but if you are able to put together a high quality one then it can significantly increase your chances of winning. It does take quite a bit of time and effort to put together a good one though.

So, how do you go about putting together a successful betting strategy? Your first step is to find an aspect of the market that offers good value. Once you have found this market then it’s time to carry out research. By researching you will be able to discover which areas tend to happen the most. From here you can attempt to place wagers that are successful more often than they aren’t. Just like any gambling enterprise, there is no guarantee that you will win, but if you can increase your chances then you will be able to make it more likely that you walk away with a profit.

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