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How Much Do England Cricketers Get Paid?

England's Ben Stokes
England's Ben Stokes

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the UK and many nations of the Commonwealth. Naturally, the popularity of the sport makes famous cricket players superstars that earn a fortune. At this point, it is possible to mention earnings of the top cricket players in England. The top ten cricket players have the following earnings, according to https://www.espn.com - ESPN:

  • Ben Stokes: USD 3.36 million
  • Jos Buttler: USD 2.6 million
  • Jofra Archer: USD 2.56 million
  • Eoin Morgan: USD 2.4 million
  • Jonny Bairstow: USD 1.88 million
  • Joe Root: USD 1.81 million
  • Sam Curran: USD 1.75 million
  • Chris Woakes: USD 1.6 million
  • Jason Roy: USD 1.07 million
  • Moeen Ali: USD 0.94 million

Earnings of top players encourage many boys and girls to start playing cricket to become professional athletes. Their high earnings are apparently not as high as those of soccer players or NHL stars, but they are still exorbitant, especially for players from outside England, who start their career India or Pakistan, for example.

On the other hand, the earnings of top players do not really reflect the sports average pay. Instead, earnings of cricketers vary consistently. At this point, it is possible to refer to the study performed by ECB (ecb.co.uk) which compared the earnings of cricket players in different leagues. This study reveals the disparity in earnings of cricket players in several domains. First, there is the disparity in earnings of top players and the rest, which are not ranked as top ones. Top players often earn several times more than other players, even if they play in one and the same team. Another aspect that causes disparity among cricket players is the age and experience of players. More experienced players often earn more compared to their younger counterparts, who just start their career in sports. In addition, there is disparity between leagues and countries since earnings of cricketers in England are consistently higher than in India, for example, according to ECB. This disparity is determined by the attractiveness of cricket competitions for sponsors, audience, and investors. This is why top leagues and top teams traditionally offer higher payments to their players. In addition, players of top teams often earn extra bonuses from advertising and sponsorship.

Therefore, earnings of top players are just hallmarks that beckon beginners on what they can possibly achieve and how much they can possibly earn, if they reach success and join one of the top teams in England, where cricketers have the highest earnings. The successful career in cricket requires skills and luck just like as if they play in a casino, where players have to know where you can have better chances to earn more, as is the case of https://bestpayoutcasino.org/. Players capable to make right choices can succeed and become top players. Anyway, even if cricketers fail to become top players, their earnings start from somewhere as low as $28,000 per year and end up at several millions, in case they reach success and become top players that have profitable contracts and if they can attract sponsors and audiences to their teams.