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How to Bet on Cricket and Not Screw Up

How to Bet on Cricket and Not Screw Up
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Sports betting is gambling by its nature. That’s why it’s indeed a very risky activity, but what if placing a bet or two on your favourite cricket team is your guilty pleasure? We all have vulnerabilities, but none of us wants to lose their hard-earned money.

It’s possible to enjoy betting on cricket without loss. With luck, it’s even possible to make some extra cash on it. Even though there is no strategy that guarantees you a 100% win, we know how to maximize your chances of placing a successful bet. Read some useful tips below and you won’t screw up.

“Truth is in Stats” — Always Take Time to Check Them Out

It’s hard to find sports that generates as much statistics as cricket. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the indicators for test matches and limited-overs are formed separately. To make your life easier, let’s discuss some stats that you really need while trying to predict an outcome of the game.

The stats you need are long-term. Short-term indicators are simply not enough to judge the player’s skill and the current form of a team you are going to bet on. Besides this, you can focus on only one part of cricket — batting or bowling — depending on your preferences. The same player generates statistics for both batting and bowling, so it may be confusing for you to bet on both, especially if you are a novice in this field.

As for batting, the main metric is a batting average (Ave = Runs/A number of times out). Getting “out” means being dismissed. Another formula you can meet across the web is Ave = Runs/[I – NO], where I is Innings, and NO — not outs. The higher is a batting average — the better. Players with rates over 40 during their test career are considered to be very good batsmen.

Beware: some websites also say that a batting average is the number of runs divided by the number of innings played, but this is not right. Always check in with the reputable sources when it comes to the definition of various cricket stats.

Another important stat is a strike rate (SR = [100 * Runs]/Balls Faced). A strike rate indicates a player’s ability to score runs quickly. Again, the higher— the better. An average strike rate varies from 30 to 60.

Bowling also has its own average metric. The formula for a bowling average: Ave = Runs/Wickets. The more skilled is the bowler, the lower will be his or her bowling average. For example, the average bowling of 25 means this player concedes 25 runs per each wicket on average. This is a great result since bowlers with a score under 30 are assessed as good bowlers.

Weather Matters in Cricket

Rainy and foggy weather give bowlers an advantage. On the contrary, sunny days are favorable to batsmen. Even those who are not in cricket may easily guess: it becomes complicated to score a run when you don’t see a ball well and your bat is slick. Thus, we recommend you to check the weather forecast before placing a bet. If it’s supposed to rain, give preference to the team with more skilled bowlers, and vice versa.

A Win-Win Strategy: Betting on Both Teams

We all know the temptation to bet on your favorite team and wait for a miracle is irresistible. But you have to cope with this temptation and adopt some cricket betting strategies if you refuse to lose a dime. One of the most effective among them implies betting on both teams.

Let’s explain this technique using an example. We have two teams, let’s say, team N and team M. The match between those teams will be held at the home field of team M. The initial odds are N — 2.3, M — 1.5. You place a bet on N, but after a few overs, you understand that M performs better. The odds change accordingly and now they are N — 1.8, M — 2.1. So if you place $100 per team, you will win in any case. If team N wins, you get 2.3*100 - 100 = $130 because you placed this bet when the odds were still 2.3. If team M wins, the profit is smaller, but you still do well: 2.1*100 - 100 = $110.

Of course, you could receive $130 instead of just $30 if team N won. That’s why resort to this practice only when it’s unclear whether your favorite team wins.

A Reliable Betting Operator is a Must

In fact, the only one who always wins big money on cricket betting is a betting operator. It’s quite profitable business itself, but there is a category of gambling companies that don’t stop at the reached profits and want to increase their revenue, sometimes turning to fraudulent methods. Gamblers and bettors often complain that some casinos delay withdrawals or even stealing their deposits. To avoid fraud and find the betting operator that suits your needs, follow a couple of tips we prepared for you.

First of all, choosing a betting website resembles a process of choosing an online casino. You need to make sure the operator has a license, reasonable withdrawal limits and fast support service. Pay specific attention to bonuses and promotions — they should be attractive but realistic. Also, the best way to check the reputation of the betting operator is to read testimonials on casino forums and independent resources that review betting and gambling companies.

However, there is one significant difference between the casino and betting websites. Casino games always offer the same game selection (or at least very similar) with the same odds, while odds in sports betting vary from match to match and from one operator to another.

You need to check this before signing up and choose the betting website that offers lucrative yet, again, realistic odds.

Spend Only as Much Money as You Can Afford to Lose

You can mitigate a risk of loss, but you can’t completely eliminate it. Thus, follow one simple rule — bet with only these sums you can afford yourself to gamble away. Remember: sports betting is not a source of stable income. This activity is riskier than any business because you lack control over too many things. Consider betting only an entertainment — value emotions, not money. This is the only way to bet on cricket and not screw up regardless of the results.

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