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How To Emulate England With A Fast Return From Disaster

England celebrate their Test series win over England
England - from zeroes to heroes in a matter of weeks
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England are the very definition of zeros to heroes: going from abject defeat to convincing victory over India in a matter of five matches.

Can you emulate this turnaround at your club?

Here are some simple tips to start.

Prepare for the next game, not the last game

England did a great job in putting the past aside and adapting their preparation. That's harder than it seems, because it’s easy to feel fear when you have been thrashed.

It’s easy for you to do the same in your games. Look at who is likely to be bowling or batting for the opposition and come up with a plan to exploit their weaknesses.

Inject confidence

It’s a sporting cliché to say that young players feel no fear, but it’s a cliché because it’s true. England were carried through by the youth in the squad. Players like Chris Jordan, Joe Root and Moeen Ali just don’t have the reluctance you naturally develop after a few years in a squad.

Even when things start to go wrong, the young confident cricketers don’t doubt they can turn it around.

That’s why you should look to throw confident young cricketers into the deep end at your club too. Their excitement and enthusiasm will get to even the most craggy and jaded player.

Plus, although certainly not a youngster, Peter Moores has brought a less serious, more relaxed approach to the game that has built robust confidence. Players trusted their skills and were rewarded with results.

That kind of confidence is pure gold to any side.

Refocus your goals

Another great method is to put failures into perspective. A lost game even a bad summer is not life changing, just a pain. Pick yourself up, relax and refocus on the next ball, game or season. You may still be on target to reach your goals despite failures.

Remember mistakes and failures are the way we learn. When you fail, take time to think about why, plan how you are going to change things, then go to each practice with an aim in mind.

Will this guarantee success?

Of course not because there are too many other factors. That said, controlling the things you can control will bring you a step closer to avoiding the same mistakes and improve your chances on the pitch.

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