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How to find value when betting on cricket

Vitality Blast cricket at Lord's
Vitality Blast cricket at Lord's

Cricket is an established sport with a massive global following, especially in emerging markets like India. With that massive following comes an equally massive betting market.


Whether you’re old hat at sports betting or a newcomer to the game, you’ll want to keep a few tips and tricks in mind, as the sports betting industry can be different from many other prominent counterparts.

Below we’ll give you some of the best tips to find value when betting on cricket.


Narrow Your Scope to Just a Few Markets

Like globally popular sports like soccer, if you’re looking to really become an expert, you’ll have to narrow your focus down to one specific part of the world. As the International Cricket Council has over 100 member nations, it’s simply impossible to know the ins and outs of every player, manager, and tournaments that are ongoing. We recommend focusing on a domestic league first, as the frequency of games will allow you to become familiar with names, faces, and performances quickly, especially as some leagues, such as the Indian Premier League, has just eight teams, which typically have sixteen players each.


Shop Around for the Best Betting Markets

When getting started in the cricket betting world, it’s always a good idea to shop around to get an idea of which bookmakers offer the best value. Even though strong teams will usually produce low odds that can be seen across a variety of markets, individual betting sites can differ sometimes quite strongly. You can compare offers either through the use of a comparison-shopping website, or simply collate the information yourself, but it should be a priority to do this. By looking around, you’ll be able to catch any sorts of promotions, bonus cash, free bets, or odds guarantees that you may have otherwise missed, so we recommend betting online with Casumo.


Be Sure to Do Your Research

Off seasons are a great time to familiarize yourself with the league you’re planning on betting on, as well as the usual big players in championships and tournaments, and players that have performed very well in recent seasons. There are many websites available that will have a wide array of information available, such as current form, historical trends, performance in certain match ups, and even player performances against certain teams. Once the off season ends and the season begins, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to best identify which players will be likely to be top run scorers or bowlers. One particularly useful set of information isn’t directly related to the teams or players themselves. Like in many other sports, the pitch played and the weather conditions of the location it's in can affect a team’s performance, and going in with this knowledge can help you determine if the standing conditions will help or hinder a bowler.


Money Management is Key

It’s always important to keep in mind proper money management in any sports betting world. One should never put more than 10 percent of their entire budget on a single match in order to mitigate your risk. Splitting stakes is another component that allows you to keep risks low while maintaining a decent chance of a profit.

Sports betting is an exciting world, and so is the sports world. If you’re new to the cricket sports betting environment, be sure to keep in these tips and tactics and you’ll feel like a top run scorer yourself in no time at all.

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