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How To Get Involved In Cricket

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Following on from last week's statistics of falling numbers in cricket, this week we thought we would show the side of cricket that makes it so worthwhile. At a young age all children are playing football, but we have found some initiatives aiming to do the same for cricket.

The aim of these camps, courses and programmes is to give children a taste of cricket at an early age to get them more interested in it later in their life, making them more likely to take part in club cricket.

Little Batters is one specifically aimed at cricketers aged four to seven. "Little Batters has focused on fun and not on the technical side except the absolute basics," Marc Webb, Lets Be Active Director said.

"With this focus on enjoyment and playing games we have been able to generate a passion for the game at an early age and once graduated from our programmes many of these kids have joint the local clubs and hopefully started a lifelong love of the game."

They are also a huge supporter of the Change 4 Life programme, getting children more active and leading a healthier lifestyle. They offer a range of classes around the Birmingham area, but this doesn't mean this isn't an idea you could implement at your club. Whatever the age bracket, you could have a taster session for people looking to get into cricket.

We have noticed some clubs, South Hampstead in particular, already taking the opportunity offering Easter training and other camps, giving players thinking about joining the game a chance to give it a try. With the start of the season fast approaching now would be a great time to try.

James Williams, Head Coach at South Hampstead CC said: "The junior coaching programme for the club begins. Helping our young cricketers be the best they can, the future of the club and cricket." 

For those who may have children interested in the area, the camp begins on 30th March at 10am for four days and from 7th April for four more, and all levels are welcome. 

So far we've only looked from the point of view of a club, trying to interest players, how about players interested but not sure where to find clubs or how to go about joining a club and what the process would be.

Our profiled club section could be a great place to start in this regard, it's divided into regions, once you've found a place near by you can click through, find their address and Twitter handle if you want to contact them before hand.

The majority of clubs have websites or Twitter accounts where you can contact them and would be more than happy to welcome a new player to their ranks - in our experience clubs have been extremely friendly and helpful, give them a try!

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