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How To Hit A Last Ball Six

Andre Russell hits out for the West Indies
You too can hit last-ball sixes like Andre Russell, Darren Bravo, and others...
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It seems you can't go five minutes without a six to win a Caribbean Premier League T20 match. Darren Bravo had a go, and Andre Russell repeated the feat.

Can you do the same?

Of course! Here's how:

Get the right ball

First things first, you need to be lucky. A well placed yorker and your dream is over. The bowler needs to serve up a ball that you can get under.

The good news is that this is highly likely as almost any length ball other than a yorker is fair game.

And ask yourself this; at your level is the bowler likely to be able to do it? I doubt it.

The odds are in your favour.

Pick your spot

Cow corner is your best bet for the six, but you can be a little cannier than swinging from the laces.

If you step back and across, to get deep in your crease before the ball is bowled you can adjust to the ball. A full toss or half volley can go over the bowler's head. Length balls or shorter can be sent to
the leg side.

You can practice this with some range hitting. This drill is not a bad idea for general death batting
and will teach you how to hit out even if you need a maximum off one ball.

Keep your eye on the prize

This is a high stress moment. So take your time to breathe and focus. If you need a moment to calm yourself down, step away.

Now is not the time to panic and swing. It's the time to coolly set your plan and go for it. Your choice
of shot will be one you know you can play and have hit for six in the past. Forget the switch hits or
dilscoops. Stand and hit cleanly.

Then it's down to hitting the middle of the bat.

If you get it right you can watch it sail over the boundary and get the plaudits from your team-mates.

If not. Well... there is always the next game.

Good luck!

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