ICC Backs Australian Anti-Cheating Proposals

ICC Backs Australian Anti-Cheating Proposals
ICC Backs Australian Anti-Cheating Proposals
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The International Cricket Council has lent its support to proposals made by the Australian government to establish a national framework of laws to combat cheating in sport.

During the opening Test between Australia and India in Perth, and one day after former Essex bowler Mervyn Westfield pleaded guilty to corruption, ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat commented:

"ICC is pleased to add its support to that of Australia’s Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (COMPPS)  in support of the Australian Government’s initiative to tackle cheating in sport.
"Like all sports in Australia, the ICC and its Members cherish the reputation and integrity of the game. All sport needs honest competition and while in Australia I will be restating our well known stance to the Government.
"In the past year we faced the sort of challenge which could threaten any sport and I believe we conclusively proved that we will not tolerate any threat to the integrity of the game.
"I hope our swift and decisive action to charge, provisionally suspend and eventually prosecute and ban those who dared to sully the good name of cricket as well as the subsequent criminal prosecution will serve as a deterrent in future.
"ICC had also worked effectively with the UK Crown Prosecution Service and the Metropolitan Police to bring those who committed wrong to justice. Sports governing bodies need state assistance to tackle this worldwide menace and in turn we will support any Government that legislates to protect sport against cheating.
"In supporting this Australian initiative we urge other governments to consider the same to protect all sports. Needless to say we will continue to use everything within our power to ensure that any threat of corrupt activity within the game of cricket  is resolutely dealt with. 
"We have always stated that we will explore every possible avenue to ensure that cricket is free from corrupt activity and this initiative of the Australian Government must be commended. ICC will continue to work with the Australian Government and any other Government to protect the integrity of the sport."

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