ICC Clarifies Role Of Ian Pont Amid BPL Investigation

David Richardson
David Richardson: 'The sport would benefit greatly if it contained more men of Mr Pont’s integrity and quality'
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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has issued a clarification over the role of Ian Pont, coach of the Dhaka Gladiators, in the investigations into the Bangladesh Premier League 2013.

Both the ICC and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) are to appeal against the decision of the BCB's anti-corruption tribunal.

"The ICC and the BCB can confirm that we have received the full written decision from the Anti-Corruption Tribunal," an ICC statement confirmed.

"As previously indicated, we are extremely disappointed at the outcome of the proceedings, and seeing the reasons given by the Tribunal for its decision has done nothing to address our concerns.

"In the ICC’s view, clear and compelling evidence of corruption by a number of individuals have not been taken into account properly. 

"Having now had the opportunity to review the detailed decision in its entirety and taken advice on it, we believe that we have very strong grounds on which we can base our appeal. 

"We do not believe that the sport would be sending the right message if it does not challenge what, in our opinion, are incorrect findings."

The ICC has confirmed that at all times, Pont complied with his obligations under the BCB Anti-Corruption Code, promptly reporting a corrupt approach he received from Shihab (Jishan) Chowdhury, managing director of the Dhaka Gladiators.

"Indeed, it was the evidence that Mr Pont provided that led to the Tribunal upholding the main charge brought in these proceedings, against Mr Chowdhury," an ICC spokesman said.

"The US$6,000 referred to in the Tribunal's decision was accepted and kept by Mr Pont, on the instructions of the ACSU, because he was owed that amount and more under his contract with the Dhaka Gladiators. 

"To this day Mr Pont still has not received the total sum due to him under that contract," the spokesman added.

ICC chief executive David Richardson praised Pont for following the Anti-Corruption Code and assisting the ACSU in its investigations.

"The actions of Ian Pont in reporting the corrupt approach and then helping the ACSU to establish the extent of the corruption are to be highly commended. 

"On behalf of the ICC, the ACSU and the sport of cricket in general, I wish to express my thanks to Mr Pont for all that he has done to uphold the integrity of the sport of cricket. 

"The sport would benefit greatly if it contained more men of Mr Pont’s integrity and quality,” Richardson added.

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