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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – A Surprise Package

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - opening match at the Oval, London

Cricket for some might be a game that goes on for a little too long, but it only means there are more occasions for some thrilling sporting action and surprises along the way. The ICC World Cup is in play right now with ten international teams battling it out for cricketing supremacy in England, the host country.

Typically, the World Cup is full of exciting games out of which a few stand-out. These are cases where the underdogs manage to rise against all the odds and cause a major upset, or a team at the top of their game makes an unimaginable score featuring an onslaught of fours and sixes. It is for these instances that cricket betting is a favourite with punters and bookmakers. There’s a hint of uncertainty that lingers on, giving bettors the advantage to make serious money by placing the right bet after a little bit of analysis.

When we look at the ongoing World Cup, there have been quite a few surprises that have proved to be significantly profitable for insightful punters. Take South Africa for example, a team that has been feared by many for years, and how they have failed to create an impact in this tournament. In the beginning, they were one of the top contenders to lift the trophy, but with 100/1 odds presently, even the bookmakers have lost faith in their playing capability.

On the other hand, Bangladesh has been the talk of the town this time around. A team that was once an easy win for any major cricketing nation is now a force to reckon with. Not only are they above Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Pakistan in the points tally, but even when they lose a match, like their defeat against Australia, they are still making the news. In this particular match, they not only gave a great chase to Australia’s total of 381 but also came close to winning the game falling short by just 48 runs.     

Then again, some teams should always be in a punter’s sportsbook. India and New Zealand both, have been consistently playing good cricket for the past few years. The players are a young bunch of individuals who are a lot fitter and experimental with their play on the field. This gives them the much-needed edge over other teams who seem to be stuck in time, following tactics that might have worked a decade ago. India is especially a team to look out for as they have shown their desire to lift the trophy by winning their matches against Australia and Pakistan, two countries considered their greatest rivals.

Everything said and done, England has the most significant advantage in this competition as they are the host nation. This makes them a safe bet and a team that is more than likely to reach the finals. Aside from the one upset against Pakistan; they have managed to charge through their competition with ease. However, with the top teams about to go head-to-head in the coming weeks, the games are only going to get more exciting with loads of surprises in store.   

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