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ICC Long-Term Vision Needed - MCC World Committee

The MCC World Cricket Committee
The MCC World Cricket Committee

The MCC World Cricket Committee has urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to create a new long-term strategy following its recent restructure.

What Is The MCC World Cricket Committee?

The MCC World Cricket committee is funded and administered by MCC and reports to the MCC Committee.

Sitting on the Committee are a number of players, ex-players, officials, coaches and administrators.

It is, and was set up to be, an independent body. Its members, all of whom have been involved in international cricket at the top level, come from many different countries. Each person is there in his or her own right, not as a representative of other bodies.

MCC World Cricket committee statements should not be seen as coming from MCC itself. It is a sign of strength that MCC can allow such a committee to be independent – of ICC, of ECB, of PCA or any other organisation, including MCC itself.

The ICC restructured earlier this year, introducing new committees which are predominantly led by the boards of Australia, England and India.

However, after hearing presentations from England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) chairman Giles Clarke and former ICC president Ehsan Mani, the World Cricket Committee, an independent body, has a strong message for the ICC.

"The World Cricket committee heard contrasting presentations from ECB Chairman Giles Clarke and Ehsan Mani, former President of ICC, on the restructure of the International Cricket Council and the global governance of the game," a statement issued by the Committee began.

"The committee subsequently discussed the potential effect this restructure will have on the game and believes that the ICC, in its new guise, needs to create a long-term strategy to deliver positive change for cricket in the years ahead.  The ICC’s current Strategic Plan ends in 2015.

"The Boards of Australia, England and India joined forces earlier this year to make material changes to the structure of the ICC.  The World Cricket committee believes that with this power comes responsibility for the good of the game, which should be allied to a clear vision.

"The committee believes that the approved changes concerning the promotion and protection of Test cricket - namely the potential for an ICC Associate member country to play Test cricket in the future, and the creation of a Test Match fund to distribute to the other seven Full members - are positive developments.  

"However, the inequality of the “contribution costs” that will be paid to ICC Full member countries is a matter of concern for the committee. 

"Australia, England and India will receive a substantially larger proportion than the other seven Full members of revenues generated from ICC events held between 2016 and 2023. 

"As a result, there is a real prospect that the strong will get stronger, to the detriment of competition in the game. 

"The committee recognises it is too early to judge adequately the effect of this disparity in payments to member countries."

The Committee also recommended that a full-time appointment to head up the ICC's fight against corruption in the game be made.

In addition, after hearing a presentation from England captain Charlotte Edwards, the Committee said it was 'delighted with recent advancements being made in the women’s game, and sees it as an area with great potential for growth around the world'.

They also discussed whether the balance of the game has tipped too far in favour of the batsmen, eventually deciding that it hasn't, and as such no change will be recommended to the size of bats.

The Committee also expressed its support of the current ICC procedures for reporting, testing and suspending bowlers with illegal actions.

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