The ICC Women's Championship is a new One-Day International tournament that will run from 2014 to 2016, determining qualification for the 2017 World Cup.

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Fixtures & Results
Round 1: July-October 2016
Australia v Pakistan, England v India, Sri Lanka v South Africa, West Indies v New Zealand
Round 2: November 2014-February 2015
Australia v West Indies, India v South Africa, New Zealand v England, Pakistan v Sri Lanka
Round 3: March-August 2015
England v Australia, India v New Zealand, Pakistan v South Africa, Sri Lanka v West Indies
Round 4: October 2015-January 2016
Australia v India, New Zealand v Sri Lanka, South Africa v England, West Indies v Pakistan
Round 5: February-July 2016
England v Pakistan, India v Sri Lanka, New Zealand v Australia, South Africa v West Indies
Round 6: August-October 2016
Pakistan v India, South Africa v New Zealand, Sri Lanka v Australia, West Indies v England
Round 7: October-November 2016
Australia v South Africa, India v West Indies, New Zealand v Pakistan, Sri Lanka v England
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