ICC WT20 Tournament Director - Caribbean Well Underway

ICC WT20 Tournament Director - Caribbean Well Underway
ICC WT20 Tournament Director - Caribbean Well Underway

Noting there’s barely four months until ICC World Twenty20 West Indies 2010 lands on the Caribbean’s doorstep, Tournament Director, Mr. Robert Bryan, yesterday assured that overall preparations are “going well” and urged fans to pick up the pace at which they are buying tickets.

“We’ve had a 25 per cent take-up of tickets so far and, as we step up our marketing significantly as we move into 2010, we expect sales to increase rapidly,” he said, addressing a year-end Press conference in Saint Lucia.

“Tickets are now on sale in the international market and, while we are experiencing the wait-and-see attitude in the West dies, the last thing we want is a situation where people who want to attend matches cannot get tickets come March and April next year. Waiting until the last minute (to buy tickets) may prove to some fans’ detriment.”

Giving brief updates on various aspects of tournament preparation – including Cricket Operations, Security, Medical, Accommodation, Volunteers, Accreditation, Transportation, Catering, Merchandising and Spectator Experience – Mr. Bryan added that “what’s required now is for us to tweak and overlay to meet WT20 unique specifications, such as the third and fourth dressing rooms.”

The Tournament Director also expressed confidence that the pitches and outfields, on which the 42 event matches will be played, will be of the highest standard, stating that measures are being taken to ensure “tip top conditions” at each venue.

“A number of inspections were done and recommendations were made at each ground. The necessary work is now underway and we are quite comfortable with preparations,” added Mr. Bryan.

Looking ahead, he said that as ICC WT20 West Indies 2010 draws closer, the entire region must be ready to roll out the red carpet to guests from across the world with 20 teams – 12 men’s and eight women’s – battling for Twenty20 supremacy.

Saint Lucia in particular, Mr. Bryan stressed, should brace itself for an influx of visitors, arriving not only for the cricket but also for the annual Saint Lucia Jazz Festival which coincides with the sporting spectacle.

“There will be 12 to 14 days of high-level entertainment with two renowned events taking place at the same time. It’s an opportunity for high international visibility and there will be tremendous commercial possibilities for Saint Lucia. It’s essential that people plan properly for all the visitors who are likely to be here. The resources of the country will be stretched in order to carry these two events simultaneously.”