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Importance of Warming up for Cricket with Chinmoy Roy

Before any international, domestic or even a club match every team goes through a ritual. Yes, I am talking about the warm up.

Warm up is a scientific process which is acknowledged as an integral part of sports. Whether it is Virat Kohli’s India or Kane Williamson’s New Zealand or for that matter Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, every team must do a warm up before a match or a practice session.

Now let’s discuss the importance of warm up

The key objectives are as follows:

  • The heart rate increases slowly. So the heart can gear up for a more intense activity. Start with slow jogging and slowly increase the intensity.
  • There is onset of blood circulation in the working muscle once the warm up starts. Muscles, thus get warm and whether you are a super flexible rubber man or tight fast bowler only warm muscles must be stretched. This will reduce chances of injury.
  • The joints get lubricated and that enhances the range of motion. If a Kyle Jamieson loses optimal range of motion while releasing the ball, his bowling will lose penetration.
  • Physical preparation apart, from Roger Federar to Lionel Messi everyone’s mental arousal kick starts from the warm up.

What is a right sequencing of exercises in the warm up?

It should start with a low intensity activity like jogging. It will be followed by some general and then specific movements which is termed as dynamic movements. Some of the movements can replicate the cricketing actions. The intensity gradually builds up. Now one can go for some strides or sprints at 70%-80% of maximum capacity. This is followed by dynamic stretches. Post stretching teams like India and South Africa love to play 10 minutes of football. MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli have great football skill and they are extremely passionate. The game eases the pre-match tension and also brings about good team bonding. In case of football, the only thing to be safeguarded is to not get carried away and avoid from getting injured.

How long should the warm up be?

There is no hard and fast rule. Anything between 15-20 minutes is adequate. However, cold climate like in England can push the duration to 25 minutes and hot Indian climate can reduce it to just 10 minutes.

It is not that the better warm up method will determine the fate of the World Test Championship in Hampshire Bowl. It never can. But warm up sets the tone. Creative warm up with variety brings positive body language among the cricketers. One thing is for sure. You can take positive strides to the ground with an invigorating warm up.

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