Innovative New Product Set To Be A Father's Day Hit!

Father's Day is fast approaching leaving thousands of us struggling for innovative gift ideas to show Dad that you care.

Innovative New Product Set To Be A Father's Day HitInstead of buying the usual socks and slippers, why not surprise your Dad with something different this year. Alago, a new Bristol-based company, has come up with an original product that is sure make the perfect gift - heated gloves!

Dads who are budding sportsmen will benefit from the Click Heating gloves, which retail at £19.99*.  A simple click releases the heat and the gloves remain warm for up to an hour, perfect for playing sport on chilly days, including early season cricket training sessions or even matches.

Providing a solution to the misery of cold hands, Alago’s heated gloves are unique as they effectively warm your hands and also allow for a high level of dexterity. The gloves come in two distinct types, designed especially for sportspeople and gardeners to deliver warmth when you need it most.

Innovative New Product Set To Be A Father's Day HitLast week Alago’s new gloves were reviewed on BBC Radio 2 by Liza Tarbuck. She says; “What a really good idea – a great present! From my point of view, as I like gardening with roses, these gloves are sturdy enough for me to get outside in the garden during the winter.”

Made with gardeners in mind, Alago’s Micro heated gloves retail at £15.99* and are ideal for home and garden use where access to a microwave is easy. Heat the gloves for just 15 seconds in the microwave and they will deliver up to an hour’s worth of heat, making them an excellent present for green-fingered Dads.

Both types of glove are re-settable and can be used over and over so Dad will always be able to use your special gift. Available to buy online at, Alago’s heated gloves are mostly under £20, making them great value too!