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Inspirational Yorkshire and England All Rounder David Willey shares how he overcame his potentially career ending injury

David Willey
David Willey

Yorkshire and England All Rounder David Willey has shared the details of how he overcame his potentially career ending injury in a short-form video released today. 

Willey, 31, quickly made a name for himself in Yorkshire since signing for the White Rose in 2016 and is now the captain of the Yorkshire Vikings. Willey has also left his mark on the international stage, winning 52 ODI caps for his country over the last six years. 

However, after a 50% stress fracture in his lower back his career was left in question until the team at Yorkshire CCC came together to focus on the intimate details of his game, making incredibly subtle shifts and changes which ultimately saved his career.

“The little things can make a big difference when they all come together”, Willey explains in the video. 

 Willey reflects on the in-depth process with the club’s rehabilitation programme. Working closely with the physio, strength and conditioning and bowling coaches to address the detail of his game and what he needed to do to get back to full fitness.  

Willey explains: “It is everyone coming together, including myself, to make sure I am ticking the right boxes.” 

The tireless work of those at the club staff behind the scenes is also showcased within the video. 

‘Clinical assessments, an MRI scan, analysing the physical and treatment elements and marrying it all up’ are just some of the details the video delves into with Willey’s staff at Yorkshire who outline the process.  

They explain the fascinating detail involved in injury rehabilitation. “We needed to improve the mobility in the shoulder, his strength around the spine and trunk and look at the mechanical adjustments needed. There’s lots of detail and you need to slow it down. It’s the subtle differences that affect the position he is in and has now been able to adjust.”

Willey said: “The way I play my cricket, everything is done at 100mph. I was never the most talented or gifted but I have always had to work hard. I have had to really work on my skills to play at the highest level.”

Willey’s story is the first video in a series to be released by Yorkshire County Cricket Club partner Vertu Motors, entitled ‘It’s All in the Detail’, which highlight the marginal gains of sport and share exclusive details not always aired to the public.