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Interesting Hobbies of 5 Big Cricket Stars

Shane Warne
Shane Warne

If you’re an avid cricket fan, it can be hard to think of your favourite cricket players having other hobbies and doing other things besides playing cricket. While you may live and breathe the sport, many professional cricket players have other interests away from the cricket pitch. Here are five interesting hobbies that some of the biggest cricket stars in the world like to indulge in.

Sir Alastair Cook (Farming)

Believe it or not, former England player Sir Alastair Cook loves being out in the countryside. And so much so, has his own farm where he tends to the land and looks after the animals when not on the cricket pitch. Cook now plays for Essex County Cricket Club and boasts a variety of international records in cricket.

Dale Steyn (Photography)

Dale Steyn is a South African professional cricket player who currently plays for the South African Cricket Team. Steyn loves to be outside. However, it’s not just the cricket field where he enjoys most of his time. Steyn’s love for travelling and nature has encouraged him to take up photography away from the game. The star even studied a year-long photography course to brush up on his skills and have a better understanding of the popular art form.

Matthew Hayden (Gardening)

Matthew Hayden was an Australian cricketer who is now enjoying retirement. While you may think he spends all his free time keeping up with cricket, Kayden loves being in his garden and growing his own organic vegetables. Hayden’s love for food and all things organic has provided him with a new career path. The star has released two cookbooks to date that have been at the top of the cookbook charts. With all the health benefits you can gain from gardening, it’s easy to see what drew Matthew Hayden to this hobby.

Shane Warne (Poker)

Sticking with Australian cricketers, Shane Warne is another former international cricketer who has a string of hobbies he enjoys indulging in through his retirement. Warne is a huge fan of poker and has played in the World Series of Poker too. However, the star has had his fair share of bad luck along the way and lost many a poker game, which is why Warne may be better off playing online poker instead to build on his poker strategy before heading to the next tournament.

Suresh Raina (Singing)

Suresh Raina is a former Indian international cricketer and is known as one of the greatest fielders in the cricket world. While Raina has impressed millions of cricket fans across the globe, the cricket star has a range of talents you may not be aware of. Raina has an excellent singing voice, most notably singing a song that featured in a blockbuster Bollywood film ‘Meeruthiya Gangsters’. While cricket will always be Raina’s number one passion, singing is a big hobby that he loves to do away from the game.

Regardless of what cricket team you support or the players you love, there are many who enjoy all kinds of hobbies alongside the popular bat and ball game.

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