Interview - Moin Ashraf On Staying Humble, And England To Win The Ashes

Interview - Moin Ashraf On Staying Humble, And England To Win The Ashes
Interview - Moin Ashraf On Staying Humble, And England To Win The Ashes
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Cricket World caught up with Yorkshire fast bowler Moin Ashraf, soon after the start of the UK domestic season. Here he talks to us about his progress, plans for the year, playing for Yorkshire in their 150th year and makes some predictions ahead of a busy summer for England...

On his winter and pre-season...

"It's gone well, I've trained hard and worked on a few skills in terms of bowling and trying to make my action as repeating as possible. In terms of the fitness aspect I've worked very had there and worked very hard with my skills so I'm confident going into the season."

On Yorkshire's start to the season...

"Obviously it hasn't been an ideal start, losing is never an ideal start, but I'm sure we can bounce back and get a few wins under our belt.  Sussex are always a tough team to play, whether it's home or away, they're a very disciplined and organised team so it's always a tough opposition first up."

The pride and honour of playing for Yorkshire in what is their 150th anniversary...

"I think you have to do a bit of both, you have to have that pride and honor to be actually playing on the 150th anniversary of the club, then again you have to treat the game with respect and don't let that pride and respect take you to far and make sure you do something you wouldn't normally do in a normal game in a normal year. 

"You have to do both, make sure you stay humble and make sure pride doesn't take over with the decisions you make."

On his targets for the season...

"I don't set myself any targets like how many games i'd like to play for the club or how many wickets I'd like to take, I'd just like to play as many games as possible for Yorkshire CCC. 

"I had a very good year last year in the ODI competition, I'd like to follow that up this year with another good strong year in both ODI competitions and hopefully estabilish myself in the championship team when given the opportunity."

On how he sees the three different formats of the game and his goals...

"Four-day cricket is proper cricket, T20 cricket can be decided by the fifth of the game, a four over spell can change the whole context of the game where as in four day cricket a spell does change a game but not as dramatically as a T20 game. 

"It's a battle of concentration as well as fitness and tactics, although T20 cricket is very exciting and I love to play T20 and ODI cricket there is also a very big place in my heart and my mind for four day cricket."

Moin's Ashes prediction...

"I think England will win convincingly. The reason for that is how England will cope with the bowling of the Australians. I think Australia have got the firepower to take 20 wickets but there is also insecurity about the spin bowling and batting, as in Chris Rogers coming in as well, they aren't quite sure on style or the top six that work for them whereas England are very estabilished, accomplished and have a lot of firepower in the top order as well as in the bowling. 

"I think it will be a battle of how the batters cope with the bowlers, and how the bowlers cope with the batters but I think England's bowlers and batters will cope better than Australia's."

Can England win the Champions Trophy?

"There is a lot of firepower in world cricket, if you look at sides all over the world and they're very very strong. I think England do have a good chance but the main thing with them is not getting to far ahead of themselves and just trying to take one step at a time in the competition and before they know it they'll be in the final. 

"That's how they went about the success in the West Indies with the T20 (in 2010), they weren't really favourites to win that competition but they played good cricket, simple cricket, and I think that they should do that again in the Champions Trophy."

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