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Interview - Henry Blofeld On 'Memories Of Test Match Special'

Broadcaster Henry Blofeld talks to Cricket World about his 'Memories Of Test Match Special' show which he and Peter Baxter are currently touring the country with.

Blofeld, who worked with Baxter for more than 30 years on Test Match Special, talks about what the show is about, how much fun they are for audiences and performers alike, how it compares to commentating and the rapport between himself and Baxter.

"Test Match Special is as much fun to be part of in the commentary box as most people seem to think it is to listen to," Blofeld says.

"But, in the box itself there are two different perspectives and with Blowers and Backers on stage they will both come together with, we hope, gales of laughter. Backers produced the show for 34 years, for all of which he was my boss. He brings the 'behind-the-scenes' adventures he had in the production process to join my in-front-of-the-microphone stories and high jinks.  

"Our blend of stories about TMS at home and abroad will be hilarious and Backers had better watch it as now, at long last, he is no longer my boss!"

Baxter added, "Test Match Special has always been like a family - and the listeners are part of that family. And like all families, there are so many stories of the characters in it.

"The two of us have been having a lot of fun talking about all the funny things that have happened during our 35 years together on the programme and we're really looking forward to sharing that fun with audiences round the country."

For more information and to book tickets for upcoming shows: www.memoriesoftestmatchspecial.com

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