IPL8 Face-Off - Punjab v Chennai - Game 53

Game 53 of the Indian Premier League 2015 is the final group game for both Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings.

While Chennai have already qualified for the play-offs, Punjab are out of contention and are playing merely for pride.

Chennai will be going hard to finish with 18 points from the group stage and build some momentum going into the play-offs.

But who do you think will win? Watch our preview video above and then make your prediction below, and don't forget that the leading predictor each week will win a prize.

Good luck!

IPL 2015 Face-Off

1. Watch our Face-Off videos ahead of each match

2. Predict who you think will win

3. Win a prize if you are the weekly winner!



Week 1

Winner: Balasubramaniam Rajamani

Runners-Up: Balaji GC, Hardik Patel, Dilip Shah, Sagar Tejani, Naveen Gowd

Week 2

Winners: Dilip Shah & Ram Raj Singh

Runners-Up: Mohit Bhardwaj, Balasubramainiam Rajamani, Jyotirmay Madhal, Bhalchandra Aiwale

Week 3

Winner: Sagar Tejani

Runners-Up: Dilip Shah, Balasubramaniam Raamani, Karan Thakur

Week 4

Winner: Dilip Shah

Runners-up: Sagar Tejani, Karun Thakur

Week 5

Winner: Dilip Shah

Runners-Up: Samiullah Khan, Swell Khan