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Is the T20 Model A Golden Egg Or Just A Passing Trend?

Trent Boult
Trent Boult

Just a few years ago, T20 was formed, and ever since then, the format has stuck with our cricket. The game of cricket as we know it has undergone a massive change over the years, concerning team formation and the strategies for sure. 

But in another way, this team has changed, and that is through the inception of T20. Many puritans would instead go to Novibet Sportsbet on their favorite team. While they would love the ODI as they feel it is a holistic package, they are not warming up to this brand new T20 format. 

Is there a Difference between these Formats?

On-the Feet Captaincy

What worked in favor of ODI and Test is the time frame of the entire match. The T20 is fast-paced, and hence, the captain cannot relax and sit back feeling that he can guide if and when necessary. He has to have a keen eye on the players and make impromptu decisions. Change in the batting lineup or bowling depending on the need of that moment before their time runs out. 

Calculated Fielding Techniques

Players would also be on their toes, making sure to keep the opposing team’s score at the lowest. They would not want a higher score because they would then have to chase that same score. They know that it is difficult for any team to chase a big score in T20 at the back of their minds because there is no luxury of time in the game. Hence, every team has a tight-knit fielding and also tries to minimize any wides or no-balls. 

Aggressive Batsmen

Whether you are opening for your team or finishing off for your time, hitting sixes and fours would have to be aggressive. There should not be any single run streak for long. The players like Keiron Pollard or MS Dhoni can pack in punches when their team needs them. 

More Strategies that Work

Only a few countries today take the time out to chart a scheme and go as per that. They read the pitch maps and the opponent team’s lineup and strengths before planning it all out. They are adept at customizing it or going as per their thought process as and when the time demands. 

On the other hand, in the regular ODI or Test formats, the captains have the liberty to customize and work as per their convenience. 

Greater Media Coverage

We know that every country has its broadcasting rights and wants to have a share of the pie. It is because the T20 format has now found universal favorites. There are teams in IPL, for instance, that buy players from other countries, especially from the Caribbean. They do this because the Caribbean has long adapted to this format, and also their strength at delivering sixes aggressively has been remarkable. The format has a huge market of consumers who watch the entire season judiciously.

That said, today, IPL teams or any other T20 match teams have realized that this will stay along with the ODI and Test. None of the formats will take over the other. 

The market is vast for cricket in general, and today, every franchise owner does their best to maximize this. They do not hesitate to give the posh new avatar to cricket just the way the world wants to observe it. Such times are these, and everyone agrees that T20 has been an excellent revenue-creator for sure. 

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