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Is There Any Reason To Bowl No Balls?

Is There Any Reason To Bowl No Balls?
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Long jumpers don't overstep the foul line to get more distance.

Dart players don't stand closer to the board to get more accuracy.

Footballers don't practice penalties from in front of the spot.

So why is there such an "overstep-idemic" at cricket practice?

Imagine as a bowler that you deliver a stump smashing delivery followed by a happy celebration. But your foot is clearly over the line. All that hard work wasted.

I've never met a coach who endorses over stepping in practice.

I've never met a bowler who can defend the practice beyond saying "I don't bowl them in games".

To those guys I simply ask, if you don't bowl them in games, why in heck would you practice doing it?

It seems so logical and clear to everyone that it's a no-brainer.

Yet, I bet you right now, somewhere in the world, a bowler is bowling a no ball in a net.

Lazy practice means lazy execution

So, if there is no mindful reason to bowl a no ball in practice there is only one answer.

Sheer laziness: You can't be bothered to mark your run.

You wonder what the point is as there is no umpire and a batter is waiting for you to bowl. Your teammates might even jeer at you for taking things too seriously and to get on with it.

Besides, you never bowl no balls in games.

Do you?

Let's say you (or those you coach) never bowl a no ball in a game. Staying behind the line in practice is still the right thing to do. It shows you pay attention to detail. It gives you mindfulness and focus on getting things right.

How many top level players do you imagine were lazy? Of the ones who were lazy, how many achieved their full potential?

Defaulting to a no ball is a marker. A marker of someone who doesn't care enough about doing well to even spend a minute marking a run up.

Don't be that guy.

Stay behind the line.

Is there really any reason to bowl no balls in practice? With technology like PitchVision you can track everything, even when there isn't an umpire there. There is every reason to find a solution, and no reason to keep doing it.

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