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It's Been A Tough Couple Of Days - Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen talks to Clare Balding
Pietersen on the ECB: When you’re dealing with dinosaurs that don’t understand social media they are going to shoot themselves in the foot and they’ve done it
©The Clare Balding Show

Kevin Pietersen says that it has been a 'tough couple of days' for him since the contents of his autobiography were made public, although he knew exactly what he was letting himself in for.

The book goes on sale tomorrow (9th October), but since Monday, Pietersen has been doing a number of interviews and advance copies of the book were provided to the cricket media.

While Pietersen was attending a book signing event in Manchester last night, a document purporting to be a list of criticisms of Pietersen's behaviour compiled by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) appeared online.

Speaking ahead of an appearance on The Clare Balding Show on BT Sport, Pietersen talked about the events since the launch of his book including the latest developments.

"It’s been a tough couple of days just because everything I’ve said has ended up in the news straight away," he said.

"I said to my wife and team last week, this week will be carnage, I’ll be in the eye of the storm, and it’ll happen and then it’ll go."

Talking about the ECB document, he added: "I think there are times in your life where you shoot yourselves in the foot and I don’t think the ECB helped themselves last night, it’s embarrassing what happened last night, it’s not something I really want to give much air time to.

"When you’re dealing with dinosaurs that don’t understand social media they are going to shoot themselves in the foot and they’ve done it."

In the book, Pietersen calls such information finding its way into the media 'bad politics' but despite everything that has happened this week and before, he still hopes to one day play for England again.

However, he admits that much needs to change for that to happen.

"Six months’ time, you never know, there could be a change at the top, I live in hope. And one day I hope to be able to play Test cricket again. If I got the call now, I’d leave your show!"

If nothing else, the book has got people talking about English cricket, from his former team-mates to his former opponents.

As Graeme Swann denied this morning that the bullying Pietersen writes about ever took place, ex-Australian captain Ricky Ponting offered his view on Pietersen's claims, saying that the way England were behaving was not something he would have tolerated as a captain.

"You write books like this when you’ve got evidence to back it up and you’ve got people who are prepared to back it up," Pietersen said.

"I haven’t even spoken to Punter [Ricky Ponting]. When I woke up this morning and I saw this, one of the greatest cricketers to have ever played the game, how do you think he views it when he’s in the opposition and he’s seeing team mates abuse each other and bully each other on a cricket field?

"How do you reckon it feels for the individuals that are going through it in the dressing room. I’ve been speaking to the coach about it for years."

Matthew Prior, who Pietersen claims was the leader of a dressing room 'clique' tweeted yesterday that he would reply to the claims but that now was not the right time.

Kevin Pietersen was speaking ahead of his appearance on The Clare Balding Show, to see the full interview watch BT Sport 1 from 8pm on Thursday 9th October.

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