Jibran Khan Niazi - Off-Spinner

Off-spinner Jibran Khan Niazi has played first-class and one-day cricket for Sargodha, also playing for Pakistan University Grants Commission and Faisalabad.

I hail from an educated and socially mobile family of Sargodha and am now settled in Rawalpindi, Islamabad (Pakistan).

I have a huge passion for cricket and never adopted any shortcut as my father always groomed me through hard work and advised to earn my place purely on merit following the saying of father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah: "Work ,work and work only."

My motto is work, work and work and I believe in 'survival of the fittest'. I never compromised on professional ethics and preferred to do what is right and just. I hate hypocrisy.

I have a lot of experience of playing cricket in Pakistan and abroad in England and having sweet memories as well. I have decided to compile my experience into suggestions of how to improve the structure of cricket as well as bringing Pakistan back into the arena of international cricket.

I closely watched the habits of national and international cricketers and am in a position to analyse how they achieved their cherished goal and I feel this will be helpful for young cricketers.

I studied the behaviour and habits of cricketers and people around them and arrived at the conclusion that one can overcome difficulties by hard work and doign the right things. I passed through stress while in the field and sometimes managed to turn bad situations around.

I am still playing cricket and striving hard to become part of national and international cricket.

My hobbies are just playing cricket, doing exercises to remain fit, reading books and surfing the web to remain in touch with friends and those interested in reading about cricket.

I still remember the words: "Cricket to us was more than play, it was worship in the summer sun."

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