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Jofra Archer talks about joining the Rajasthan Royals and his cricket achievements

Jofra Archer talks about joining the Rajasthan Royals and his cricket achievements
Jofra Archer talks about joining the Rajasthan Royals and his cricket achievements
  • The inside story of the 2019 Cricket World Cup Final against New Zealand

  • Signing his first IPL contract with the Rajasthan Royals

  • A back injury at age 17 that almost ended his career before it started

  • His friendship with fellow cricketer Chris Jordan

On signing for the Royals

“I was obviously excited! I had just got off the field two or three hours earlier, we (Hobart Hurricanes) had a game in Melbourne and had just beaten the (Melbourne) Stars. Myself, D’Arcy Short, Ben McDermott & all the guys who were in the draft, we had mini vans that we got to take from the ground. All the guys in the auction took the first bus back and we watched it together.

“I had two phones at the time, one on the phone to CJ (Chris Jordan) and the other to my parents. I watched it but I remember before I told CJ that I probably won’t play a game because I haven’t played any international cricket. I told him I’ll probably get picked up at my base price and I’ll probably spend eight weeks in India and not play any cricket!

“When I saw the bidding start a few teams were going at it, and I was thinking ‘wow I’m actually going to get to go to India for sure’, so I was even happier than when the bidding started because I knew for sure that at least I would get to be associated with a franchise.

“In the end Rajasthan got me for a bit more than I thought they should have! But I was still grateful regardless, and then in the next few months I ended up being in India. That’s where I met most of the guys, the squad hasn’t really changed going into the second year and the third year now, it has still been the majority of the same guys. I think that is a great thing that Rajasthan are doing, to keep the core of the team the same.”

On English players in the IPL

“It’s nice, most of the teams we play have Caribbean or English players. For example, when you play RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) you look forward to seeing Woakesy (Chris Woakes) or Mo (Moeen Ali), with Mumbai (Indians) you see Kieron Pollard. For KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) there’s Carlos (Brathwaite), Andre (Russell) so almost every team has either a Caribbean or English player in it.”

On coaching young Indian fast bowlers

“Well I just hope no matter what happens (with the IPL) I am still able to offer them support. When you’re young and fast bowling you still need to look after your bowling, you need to recover well and you have to prepare well because then you might be doing it for only a few games and get injured, you might get tired or get out of form.”

On friendship with Chris Jordan

“He’s been there with me every step of the way. He’s been with me to every tournament I’ve been to, I’ve been so grateful to have someone close to me literally only a few hotels away.”

On winning the World Cup

“I thought we were in good form with the bat and I thought we were going to cruise the total, we got to like five wickets down and most of the dressing room, I wouldn’t say we were panicking, but we were a little bit nervous. A final has its own set of nerves that come with it, just because it’s a final, you don’t even need to touch a ball or hold a bat to get nervous. Especially when it’s at Lord’s and its packed, the sun is out and everyone is watching, all eyes are on you.

“We never imagined that it would have gone the way it did. I didn’t even imagine I was going to bowl that last over either! But it happened and we came out on the winning side. New Zealand played really well and bowled very well in that tournament.”

On bowling on slow wickets

“When fast bowlers are having the most wickets, you know it is a slow wicket. I think the ground has its own part to play, if the wicket is slow and the ground is massive than I think everyone would want to bowl on that.”

On back injury at 17

“Those were dark times to be honest, I spent two years out of cricket. You’re young and you want to play, you have got to make the most of your youth because before you know it, you’re 20, 21 or even 25 if you’re unlucky, and you’re still trialling and hoping to get a chance. And then a lot of people don’t take chances on guys who are a little bit older.

“It felt like I was missing out on my golden years. The doctor told me if he didn’t see improvement, he couldn’t even see me playing club cricket, so I remember leaving the office that day and I was a little bit down, but I decided to rest and if the pain subsided, I would give it another go. And if it doesn’t work then I will go back to university and take another path in life. But luckily for me I got to do what I really wanted to do in the end.”

On habits

“When I moved to England, the things that your mum teaches you like cooking, doing your laundry, keeping your space clean – it stays with you and makes you a better person. I remember we won my first game for Rajasthan, and everyone was just relaxing and chilling with everyone, and I was there packing my kit. And people were like ‘do you do that every game’, and I was like ‘yeah I do’ - they said fair play

“It was the same for England, Trevor Bayliss said the same thing. I took my shoes off to keep them clean. I reckon my sponsors say I am the easiest person to get along with because I don’t really ask for a lot of stuff and I try to make things last as long as possible!”

On batting

“We played Kolkata at Eden Gardens when me and Riyan brought the game home and I remember it was the last game we played before coming back to England and I remember just sitting on the plane buzzing because I actually got the chance to show what I can do.”

“Coming back after the IPL when you have been training a lot I always feel like I have got a lot more time especially coming back to Sussex or coming back to England I feel like I’m seeing the ball like a beach ball and I feel like I have got a lot more time to hit the ball.”

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