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Judd Street Tigers Cricket Club

This is the story of 2 cricket clubs, 1 cricketing philosophy and a collective determination to keep doing what we love. Walthamstow Horizontals were formed in about 1982.

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This is the story of 2 cricket clubs, 1 cricketing philosophy and a collective determination to keep doing what we love.  Walthamstow Horizontals were formed in about 1982.  As their name suggests they were from the E17 locale and operated a laid back approach to the sporting life. 

Roughly 10 miles across the city and about 5 years later, a group of casual drinkers and sportsmen came together to form WestX1 CC, dedicated to whiling away Sunday afternoons in pursuance of the game they loved against people they liked.

Wind forward 25 years and each team found themselves struggling to fulfil fixtures.  Both clubs’ cherished youth policies had failed to deliver the conveyor belt of talent required, whilst time, marriage, parenthood and DIY projects inexorably ate away at the senior members’ time.  So it was in October 2011 both clubs decided to merge forces.

Why the Judd Street Tigers?  Why not?  At the pivotal moment when the new name was being fretted over at the Sir John Russell pub on Marchmant Street a group of 10 tigers appeared from the direction of Judd Street, staggered past the pub and disappeared into the London night.  Whether it was a heavenly apparition or a group of students at a stag do we’ll probably never know, but fate such as this can never be ignored.

2 years on and the club has experience lows and highs.  In our first season, 2012, was particularly tough on the fledgling team.  A combination of shocking weather and even more shocking form in the middle meant that we played only half the scheduled games, and won only a handful of the games.  Off the playing field it was a much more positive story, with all the players uniting under the Tigers logo and embracing the new culture.  2013 saw us fulfilling the potential of the new club, winning 16 and tieing 1 of our 20 fixtures. 

This is not bad for a team with an average age the wrong side of 40.  Though always keen to bring through young players and coach them in the social side of the game, it’s also a pleasure to wave them off as they move up more competitive cricket.  Likewise we’re happy to welcome players at the end of their serious careers, in search of more expansive teas and a less intensive training regime.

We play our home fixtures on Sunday afternoons at the Winchmore Hill CC, just to the north of London.  It’s a cracking ground with 3 excellent pitches, a top clubhouse with an ever changing selection of beers and ciders, and some of the best teas to be found anywhere on the circuit.  What’s not to like?  Our opposition is made up of a collection of like-minded social cricket clubs from across London and the south east, some old foes, some new, but all determined to make Sundays a hoot. 

Bring on the new season!