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Kenya D10 2022 - Fantasy Cricket Predictions and Betting Tips: All matches - 14th August

Kenya D10 2022
Kenya D10 2022 - Fantasy Cricket Predictions and Betting Tips: All matches - 14th August

Here are the Fantasy Cricket Predictions and Betting Tips for Kenya D10 2022 which will be played at Gymkhana Club Ground, Nairobi.

Kakamega Buffalos vs Homa Bay Eagles, Match 4

Homa Bay Eagles will bank on Shubham Jadhav to do most of the damage with the bat on the opening day of Kenya D10 2022. Jadhav can be a tentative starter but once he finds his groove, he is hard to stop.

Homa Bay Eagles will expect him to be this version of himself in their first match.
While Shubham Jadhav is likely to lead the charge with the bat, the onus of doing the same with the ball in hand will be on the shoulders of Zahid Abbas. Abbas was Homa Bay Eagles' top wicket taker in 2021.

Kakamega Buffalos is among the few teams in the Kenya D10 2022 to have a number of match-winners. Morris Ouma and Hamza Khan are their top batsmen and even if one of them fires, the team will have enough runs on the board for their bowlers to make a match out of it.
The reason why this is said is that both Arthava Tembekar and Pushkar Sharma can be lethal on their day. The best part about them is that they can not only keep runs dry but also have the knack of picking up regular wickets.
All-rounder Vishal Bhojani provides great balance to the side.


Kakamega Buffalos - Morris Ouma, Hamza Khan-II, Alfred Luseno, Raj Shetty, Rushabvardhan Patel, Vishal Bhojani, Arthava Tembekar, Pushkar Sharma, William Ngare, Irfan Elahi, Mohit Jhawa, Arun Yadav, Kevin Mutembei, Yogesh Sawant, Jinay Hirani

Homa Bay Eagles - Shubham Jadhav, Tanzeel Sheikh, Jignesh Hirani, Yash Talati, Lucas Ndandason, Shem Ngoche, Zahid Abbas, Pushpak Kerai, Eugene Ochieng, Shay Shah, Krishna Babu, Nitin Arvind, Mikunj Pindolia, David Mumbo

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Who will win the toss? - Kakamega Buffalos

Who will win? – Kakamega Buffalos

Top Batter (Runs Scored) – Morris Ouma (Kakamega Buffalos), Shubham Jadhav (Homa Bay Eagles)

Top Bowler (Wickets taken) – Arthava Tembekar (Kakamega Buffalos), Zahid Abbas (Homa Bay Eagles)

Most Sixes – Morris Ouma (Kakamega Buffalos), Shubham Jadhav (Homa Bay Eagles)

Man of the Match –  Morris Ouma

Team Scores Batting first – Kakamega Buffalos 110+, Homa Bay Eagles 100+

 Match Handicap Kakamega Buffalos


Nakuru Flamingos vs Nairobi Lions, Match 5

Nakuru Flamingos have a well-known name in Irfan Karim who has made handsome contributions in the Kenyan cricketing circles in the past. The team is banking on him to see them through Kenya D10 2022.
Elijah Otieno is also tipped to do well with the bat. Dhillan Shah is the main all-rounder for Nakuru Flamingos.
Dhey Patel and Joseph Macharia will take care of Nakuru Flamingos' bowling.

As Nairobi Lions get ready for their first match of the Kenya D10 2022, they would expect legendary all-rounder Collins Obuya to do the bulk of the scoring for them.
Obuya was the top scorer for the side in 2021 and his good form augurs well for Nairobi Lions. He will get the support of Sachin Bhudia.
With regard to their bowling, Collins Obuya is likely to lead the pack once again. Obuya was Nairobi Lions' top wicket taker in 2021 and will be expected to produce a similar performance in this game as well.


Nairobi Lions - Alex Obanda, Sachin Bhudia, Collins Obuya, Dominic Wesonga, Emmanuel Bundi, James Ngoche, Tarandeep Singh, Newton Muthee, Nikul Patel, Abhishek Sharma-I, Steve Omwogo, Stephen Biko, Victor Odhiambo

Nakuru Flamingos - Irfan Karim, Elijah Otieno, Rayan Ahmed, Neil Mugabe, Joseph Onyango, Dhillan Shah, Dhey Patel, Joseph Macharia, Sachin Gill, Dolla Abala, Ahmed Hassan, Abdul Rehman-I, Nischay Kerai, John Kaguthi

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Who will win the toss? - Nairobi Lions

Who will win? – Nairobi Lions

Top Batter (Runs Scored) – Collins Obuya (Nairobi Lions), Irfan Karim (Nakuru Flamingos)

Top Bowler (Wickets taken) – Collins Obuya (Nairobi Lions), Dhey Patel (Nakuru Flamingos)

Most Sixes – Collins Obuya (Nairobi Lions), Irfan Karim (Nakuru Flamingos)

Man of the Match –  Collins Obuya

Team Scores Batting first – Nairobi Lions 100+, Nakuru Flamingos 90+

 Match Handicap Nairobi Lions


Embu Rhinos vs Costa Dolphins, Match 6
Costa Dolphins have a couple of clean strikers in Peter Kituku and Dhiren Gondaria and the onus will be on the duo to score quickly. Kituku, in particular, has the ability to go big and will be a handful if he gets going.
All-rounder Joseph Owino is the life of Costa Dolphins as there isn't either a better hitter or bowler than Rajaram in the side. This places a lot of responsibility on his shoulders.
Jadhavji Bhimji was Costa Dolphins' top wicket taker in 2021 and is a good bet to be picked as the captain of your fantasy XI.
All-rounders George Kamangu and Mirza Dhanish are the life of Embu Rhinos. Both play the role of almost three players by themselves as they not only score quick runs, and can be handy with the ball, but are electric in the field as well.
Runs are expected from Rakep Patel while Mihir Jesani will be the top bowler for Embu Rhinos.
The Embu Rhinos are more than capable of being one of the finalists.

Costa Dolphins - Zephania Arinaitwe, Peter Kituku, Dhiren Gondaria, Gurdeep Singh, Sukhdeep Singh, Joseph Owino, Jadhavji Bhimji, Sumit Halai, Gerald Mwendwa Muthui, Kulpreet Singh-I, Gurleen Singh-I, Martin Okoth, Raj Manji, Francis Muia Mutua

Embu Rhinos - Rakep Patel, Nelson Odhiambo, Narendra Kalyan, Nehemiah Odhiambo, George Kamangu, Mirza Dhanish, Mihir Jesani, Shabbaz Malik, Sajjad Malik, Tony Ochieng, Jitendra Hirani, Protus Asirigwa, Aum Patel, Brian Ouma


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Who will win the toss? - Embu Rhinos

Who will win? – Embu Rhinos

Top Batter (Runs Scored) – Rakep Patel (Embu Rhinos), Peter Kituku (Costa Dolphins)

Top Bowler (Wickets taken) – Mihir Jesani (Embu Rhinos), Jadhavji Bhimji (Costa Dolphins)

Most Sixes – Rakep Patel (Embu Rhinos), Peter Kituku (Costa Dolphins)

Man of the Match –  Rakep Patel

Team Scores Batting first – Embu Rhinos 100+, Costa Dolphins 90+

 Match Handicap Embu Rhinos

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*NB these predictions may be changed nearer the start of the match once the final starting teams have been announced and we will be running ‘In-Play’ features, so stay tuned.

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