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Kevin Pietersen Provides Tips On Batting Technique

England's Kevin Pietersen gives expert advice on the various aspects of batting while training with Gillette World Sport.

Kevin Pietersen Explains The Switch Hit Story

In this video, the 34-year-old talks about the events that led him to unveiling what is arguably among the most entertaining strokes in cricket.

Always up for a challenge, Pietersen explains how inventing the stroke gave him an advantage over spinners who turned the ball away from him.

The dynamic batsman provides all the details regarding the grip and process of transforming the stance to effectively play the stroke.

Over the years, we have witnessed Pietersen pull off the stroke with inimitable ease even against world-class bowlers like Muttiah Muralitharan.

For a right-hand batsman to play like a left-hander albeit for a split second requires skill and Pietersen reflects on his childhood memories on the cricket field when he used to bat in both styles.

Pietersen’s style of play and technique has always been unorthodox, something he himself readily admits.

England’s highest run-scorer in international cricket gives an insight into his definition of a proper technique.

At the end of the day, batting according to Pietersen is purely about confidence and very few batsmen demonstrated this better than him.

Having scored over 13,000 international runs spread across all formats, Pietersen considers entertaining the crowd to be as important as the run-scoring.

Have a look into the video to catch Pietersen at his candid best as he mixes humor and facts to teach you valuable cricketing lessons.

Kevin Pietersen Demonstrates The Flamingo Stroke

Pietersen who is known for his inventive shots gives an explanation on the execution of the widely popular flamingo stroke in training with Gillette World Sport.

Pietersen analyzes the various situations under which the stroke can be effective while also describing the procedure and technique involved in it.

The middle-order batsman felt that this shot, much like his switch-hit stroke, allowed him to manipulate the field at will against bowlers who bowled defensive lines at him.

The South African-born batsman explains how and when to pull out the stroke from the drawer in a match situation.

Known as a stroke played to upset the restrictive off-side line and field placements of the opposition, Pietersen points out midwicket and long off as the best areas to target the shot.

Pietersen feels that the stroke gave him the liberty to dominate opponent bowlers who were often clueless at his terrific execution.

Go through the video to learn more about the flamingo stroke which used to be a high-percentage shot in Pietersen’s repertoire.

Kevin Pietersen Provides Tips On Technique

Known for his fascination for unorthodox strokes, the 34-year-old is also an avid observer of the technicalities in batting as he explains the different stances and guards taken.

Pietersen also gives deep insight into his personal stance and technique while also revealing the methods for executing the same.

Always a keen observer of the field settings while batting, Pietersen stresses on the need to visualize the field plans.

The 34-year-old Pietersen provides tips regarding the practice procedures he undergoes before appearing in a competitive game.

Although he values his preparation prior to every match, the explosive batsman believes concentration is the ultimate challenge for any batsman.

Dwelling on the concept of taking the batting ball-by-ball, Pietersen underlines the importance of adapting to a match situation.

The video sees Pietersen in full flow talking about his views on technique, concentration and strategy during batting.

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