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KFC Mini-Cricket Provincial Seminars continues to level the playing field

Cricket South Africa (CSA) is pleased to announce the commencement of KFC Mini-Cricket Provincial Seminars at Titans Cricket on Saturday, 29 July 2023, before spreading out to all fifteen CSA affiliates in the coming weeks.

Aimed at empowering local volunteer coaches, the provincial seminars serve as a platform to present the strategy for the upcoming season of the programme and echo CSA’s commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting grassroots cricket development.

The KFC Mini-Cricket programme plays an important role in shaping the future of South African cricket, and through thousands of passionate volunteer coaches, coordinators and officials, the program also showcases the power of the country’s diversity.

Commenting on the Mini-Cricket Provincial Seminars, CSA’s Chief Executive Officer, Pholetsi Moseki, said:

“Inclusivity is one of CSA’s key strategic pillars, which is also supported by our partner, KFC, and their unwavering commitment to the programme.

“These seminars will seek to emphasize the importance of inclusivity and how local coaches can play their role in creating an environment that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities to level the playing field in the sport.

"We want to provide our local volunteer coaches with a platform to collaborate, learn, and grow together and by presenting the strategy for the upcoming season, we aim to equip these coaches with the necessary tools to inspire young cricketers and foster their love for the game,” concluded Moseki.

To kick off the 2023/2024 KFC Mini-Cricket Provincial Seminar, Andra Nel, KFC's Marketing Manager: Brand and Purpose, shared some of her insights.

As KFC, our ongoing mission of levelling the playing field is to promote equality and promote the engagement of children in activities they are passionate about, exemplified by our KFC Mini-Cricket initiative. The commitment of KFC to promoting social connections and community participation through the love and passion for cricket continues to be the pinnacle of the business. As a partner in KFC Mini-Cricket, we have the privilege of encountering exceptional volunteers who consistently impart their expertise, both on the field and in the lives of youth, as we create equitable opportunities for all.