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Kohli, Anderson, Steyn & more: What cricketers feel about the Coronavirus outbreak

India's Virat Kohli

For us fans, cricketers are like demi-Gods. When they are on the field, they are in charge - knocking back poles and tonking it outside the park. But, as soon as they step out, they are as susceptible and vulnerable just ike you and me.

Shortly after his match-winning century for Lahore Qalandars, Chris Lynn had to head back to Australia before the PSL knockouts after Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced enhanced restrictions on all international travellers entering the country with them required to self-isolate for 14 days.

The South African team returning from their cancelled ODI tour of India were not that lucky, with all the players having to self isolate for two weeks.

Players who have enough in the bank to not fret over it are concerned about the health and wellbeing of their family. The lesser-known ones have also to worry about paying the bills, with the sport having come to a standstill. 

This is what some of the most well-known names in cricket had to say about Covid-19:

James Anderson: "Cricket and sport is not the be all and end all but it is my livelihood, it's all I know. The season is unlikely to start. It's still a little bit hazy as to what's going to happen. I feel a little bit anxious. Just the not knowing is giving me a bit of anxiety. Also trying to keep a young family healthy. I am trying to stay calm, follow the guidelines.

"My wife's mum and dad live in Spain so they are in lockdown. They are in the age group where there are concerns. The anxiety is building up in our house because of not knowing what will happen in the next few months."


Virat Kohli: "Let's stay strong and fight the #COVID19 outbreak by taking all precautionary measures. Stay safe, be vigilant and most importantly remember, prevention is better than cure. Please take care everyone."

VVS Laxman: "One who stays away can save the rest. Requesting everyone to take the necessary precautions & be responsible. If you have symptoms, please get yourself tested. If you have tested positive please be in isolation and help prevent others. Together we can overcome this soon #COVID19"

Tim Paine: “There’s no doubt it’s been a big week for our cricket community. Some decisions have been made in the best interests of our country and our most vulnerable people. One of those decisions has been to cancel all cricket.

“As hard as it is for all cricketers at the moment, I think it is time that we take a break. I know it’s even harder this time of year when you’ve got finals and trophies on the line and it’s all there to be won, but this is bigger than us, bigger than the game of cricket, it’s something that needs to be taken very seriously.

“I would certainly love to be playing with Tasmania right now in the hunt for a Sheffield Shield final, and there’s no doubt our Australian men’s team would love to be in Hobart trying to win the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy and certainly our female world champion team would love to be in South Africa. But we’re not, and for very very good reason.”

Sachin Tendulkar: "There are some points that we should keep in mind like not going to crowded places. If you are coughing or not feeling well, take care of yourself. You should also wash your hands with soap and you must not pay heed to rumours. As citizens, we have to act responsibly. We could follow simple steps to keep the coronavirus at bay. It is my request to everyone to follow basic guidelines to try our best to ensure we all stay safe."

Brian Lara: "From a very early age, I was told that my worst enemy was myself. Stay positive, fight the negative thoughts and all will be fine. But this is real. You are your worst enemy. Before you touch your face, always wash your hands. Make sure you wash your hands properly with soap. This is not just going to benefit you, but everyone around you. Let’s fight COVID-19 together."

Dale Steyn: "It is actually such a pity that everything is being blocked off, because in a country like South Africa, where we have all of our problems from the past - culture, religion, ethnic backgrounds - the one thing that brings everybody together is sport. It doesn't matter what religion you are or what colour your skin is, you can go to a game on a Saturday and you can all be supporting the same cricket team or rugby team and you all get along really well. But now at the moment, you don't have that.

"In South Africa we kind of like looking for things that unite people in big, big groups. When you don't have sport, it's like, oh, what do we fall back onto? And I think Nelson Mandela was the first person to really say that: sport unites people in a way that nothing else does. And if you take sport away, then I don't know really what we have. We're gonna have to work it all out.

"Stay healthy, wash your hands, look after yourself, don't be greedy. Right now they are saying old people are really struggling, so if in a position to help, rather help them than help yourself. Pretty simple, really."

Michael Slater and Danny Morrison, who were in the commentary panel for the PSL knockouts which were later cancelled, are also serving 14-day self isolation. Mitchell McClenaghan too has had a similar fate.

"I feel a little bit anxious." We feel you Jimmy.

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