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Lions Cricket and Macrocomm join in partnership

Nqobile Maphenduka, Macrocomm Sales Manager, stands alongside Lions Cricket CEO Jono Leaf-Wright.
Nqobile Maphenduka, Macrocomm Sales Manager, stands alongside Lions Cricket CEO Jono Leaf-Wright.
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As the world becomes increasingly digital, the sports industry is also evolving to offer more immersive and interactive experiences for fans.

With this in mind, Macrcocomm have invested in #ThePrideOfJozi eco-system from the DP World Men’s, DP World Ladies and the ever-impressive DP World Wanderers Stadium and as South Africa’s leading IoT provider, the goal was to convert the iconic DP World Wanderers into Africa's first truly smart stadium.

Since September Macrocomm has developed innovative solutions to enhance the user experience, starting with a QR Code system that offers numerous benefits to fans attending events at the stadium.

With the QR Code system, fans can easily access a map of the stadium and find their location in real-time, which is especially helpful in world-class stadiums such as the DP World Wanderers. The functionality also allows fans to navigate to other areas in the stadium quickly and easily, without getting lost or delayed via a longer route. Additionally, the system enables fans to view live scores on their mobile devices through the platform, making it a much more interactive experience.

But the possibilities of this technology go far beyond just the basics. With the IoT solutions, Macrocomm is exploring ways to expand on this system and create a truly smart stadium. Sivi Moodley, CEO of the Macrocomm Group says,

“Imagine a future where fans can access real-time data on player performance, watch replays of key moments from multiple angles, and even order food and drinks from their mobile devices without having to leave their seats. These are just a few of the possibilities that Macrocomm’s technology can enable, and we're excited to continue exploring how we can push the boundaries of what's technologically possible through this partnership.”

The partnership provides fans with a Smart Made Simple experience that enhances their love of the game, using technology to make this a reality and to continuously push the envelope in the sporting industry.

Lions Cricket CEO Jono Leaf-Wright elaborates on the significant signing in smart stadium solutions;

“Thanks to Macrocomm, our valued Lions Cricket brand and match day experience has become a whole lot smarter and is another SA industry first. The Pride of Jozi is here to serve the people of the game, the best way we know how: Which is exactly what this partnership is about as we enrich the lives of those who love what we do, what we stand for and what we are about to become.”

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