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Looking Back at Some of the Best Cricket Video Games

Looking Back at Some of the Best Cricket Video Games
Looking Back at Some of the Best Cricket Video Games

Over the years, there have been a whole host of cricket-related video games that have proved to be successful. With some of the genre’s earliest games hitting the shelves in the late 1980s, there is a wide array of titles to consider when contemplating the sport’s very best titles. Moreover, while some are advanced regarding their in-game engines, others instead adopt a more diverse approach in seeking to digitalise the pitch-based sport. So, let’s take a look at three of the very best cricket games that have ever been developed.

Ashes Cricket 

As touched upon above, many of the sport’s most memorable games date back to 1997, such as International Cricket Captain and Shane Warne Cricket. However, modern-day titles have also found success on contemporary consoles. In 2017, Big Ant Studios released Ashes Cricket for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PCs. Crucially, the title stood out against other games which came before it for its licensing abilities. The title acquired the official licenses for current teams, in addition to the 2017-18 Ashes series.

In seeking to take the cricket genre to new heights, the title’s developers stepped away from the Don Bradman license. In turn, the alteration resulted in the creation of one of the most fluid cricket games of recent years. Fundamentally, the release’s in-game components ensured a less ineffective approach to bowling. Moreover, Ashes Cricket also enforced a new control system that improved shot animations, allowing them to work more harmoniously with the title’s reliable ball physics, as per IGN

Cricket Star 

While Ashes cricket is traditional in relation to its console compatibility, Cricket Star adopts a different approach in targeting more diverse markets. Cricket Star is a five-reel sports-themed game that is powered by Microgaming. Concerning its features, the title caters to the demands of cricket fans and guarantees them 243 different ways to win. For example, within the game, players can occasionally enjoy the Wild Wickets feature, which randomly transforms various reels into expanding wilds.

Because of the popularity of the cricket-themed video slot, it can now be enjoyed at a variety of contemporary operators, including LeoVegas. The platform is one of many promotion-offering sites that is reviewed at Casino Hacks, and has established itself as one of the leading online casinos because of its sign-up bonuses and extensive gaming library, which includes the highly-regarding Cricket Stars.

Stick Cricket

Over the last two decades, stick-orientated sports games have become highly popular among contemporary players. After originating as a browser-only title back in 2006, Stick Cricket eventually become available on smartphones and tablets. Since then, the release has been part of Stick Sports’ collection that has amassed over 70 million mobile downloads.

Upon moving to the mobile market, the title’s accessibility has been pivotal in it establishing itself as one of the sport’s best titles. Importantly, the reason for the popularity of the animated release surrounds its reaction-centred approach. Unlike any other pre-existing cricket production, Stick Cricket’s split-second approach was unusual within the genre. Furthermore, its quirky nature intertwined impressive sounds with stripped-back graphics, giving it a uniquely charming feel.

A Genre That Thrives on Diversity and Imagination

Ultimately, as showcased above, cricket games vary greatly, and that’s crucially part of their charm. While Ashes Cricket is likely to appeal to players seeking a more life-like experience, the convenience of Cricket Star and Stick Cricket ensure that they have a place in the genre’s elite titles. Although many new releases are likely to follow in the coming years, their development is unlikely to take the shine off the above games.

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