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Matt Carter - All-Rounder

Long-suffering Derbyshire fan, runner and festival-goer who is also a self-confessed cricket nerd.

Date of birth: 09/06/1988

Based: Derbyshire

Cricketing History: I’m a self a confessed rabbit with the bat and pie chucker with the ball, so have very few proud moments actually playing the game, although bowling a ball that must have turned two foot at University (granted I was slightly drunk at the time so there is a possibility it only deviated slightly!) and hitting one miles on Blackpool Beach (again this maybe exaggerated) both have a special place in my heart.

Cricket writing: That lack of talent on the field is why I focus on the next best thing, writing about this intriguing mesmerising game. I’m a self-confessed cricket stat nerd who spends far too much of my life trawling through records and scorecards of the past. It also provides an alternative to driving the other half mad wittering on about the latest developments around the world.

On a more serious note that dream is to one day be able to leave the office grind and take up cricket writing permanently.

Allegiances: Having followed Derbyshire for almost 20 years now I can probably call myself a long-suffering fan – we just have to keep telling ourselves all the hard times make the few good times worth it, or something like that (or we were just very bad people in a past life!)

Other interests: Outside of cricket I’m a follower of most sports and I’m a sucker for pain, regularly running numerous half-marathons per year. I’m also a bit of a music festival junkie.

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