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MCC explores option of tethering bails to avoid injuries to wicket-keepers

Mark Boucher (left) was a victim of bails hitting the eyes
Mark Boucher (left) was a victim of bails hitting the eyes

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has announced new measure to avoid injuries to wicket-keepers by using tethers to avoid the bails from flying away when stumps are broken.

The rule which has been brought up following an amendment of 8.4 will restrict the movement of bails to help wicket-keepers be more proactive behind the stumps without the fear of getting injures as seen in the career ending injury case of former South Africa wicket-keeper Mark Boucher.

Boucher was struck on the eye by the bails during a tour match in England in 2012 that forced him into retirement. Also the new rules will allow substitute players to keep wickets.

"Law 8.4 has been changed, to help prevent injuries, to allow specially designed mechanisms which tether the bails to the stumps, thereby restricting the distance that they can fly off the stumps but without limiting their ability to be dislodged," the MCC said.

The MCC has decided to merge obstruction of field dismissal with handling the ball with other rules like play send-off, run out due to bouncing of bat and limitation of bat to be effective from 1st October.

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