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MCC recommends send-offs for serious disciplinary breaches

Umpires will be given more power in handling disciplinary issues according to latest MCC proposal
Umpires will be given more power in handling disciplinary issues according to latest MCC proposal

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) after the conclusion of its recent World Cricket committee in Mumbai has recommended sending-off players for serious disciplinary breaches for the first time.

According to the suggestion which needs approval from main MCC committee an umpire can "eject" players from the game if they show any violence on the field like threatening an official, physically assaulting any other player or official or spectator on the field or any other similar kind of offence.

If approved this might come into effect from 1st October 2017. The committee also discussed other ways of punishing players through run penalties and sin-bins, however they believe consistency might be a hurdle in it and might consider proposing it in future.

The MCC World Cricket committee also recommended a limitation to bat edges and depths. According to the discussion the edges of 40mm and bat depths of 67mm has been proposed as some of the players in the current era possess bat of edges over 50mm which they feel is injustice to the bowlers.

The committee also recommended a change in law for catches taken by the fielder when it had made contact with the helmet grille.

Currently, the batsmen are given a reprieve when a close-in fielder or wicket-keeper takes a catch after it had made contact with any part of the helmet as seen in the case of Tom Latham and Moeen Ali.

However, the new law suggests such catches need to accepted legal.

"This change for the caught Law would include a ball becoming lodged or trapped in the grille of a fielder's helmet, in the same way as it is caught if it gets trapped between the wicket-keeper's pads or in a fielder's sweater or pocket," said a release from MCC.

Also no change has been proposed to the existing ball tampering law.

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