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MCC World Cricket committee launches survey into Test cricket

MCC World Cricket committee launches survey into Test cricket

As the first Test ends in dramatic fashion between England and India, MCC’s World Cricket committee seeks views of fans around the world. The MCC World Cricket committee launches a  survey into Test cricket. The Survey covers attitudes to Test match cricket and potential barriers to increasing attendance.


MCC’s World Cricket committee has launched a survey to garner the attitudes of fans of Test match cricket to the current state of the game and to identify key trends which could help shape the future of Test match format.



The committee, which meets at Lord’s on Monday and Tuesday next week, believes the upcoming World Test Championship is the key event in helping safeguard the future of Test cricket, with other measures recommended for the continued success of the longest form of the game.



The committee, however, also feels the public had not been consulted sufficiently as to what they would like to see from Test cricket and how to encourage future generations through the gates.



MCC’s Assistant Secretary (Cricket) John Stephenson, said, “If Test cricket is to survive and flourish as a spectator sport, it needs to adapt to what the fans want. MCC has therefore launched a survey to understand better the public's views on Test cricket.”



Results of the survey will be discussed by the World Cricket committee and shared with the ICC and National Governing Bodies.



Fans interested in having their say are asked to complete the survey here: https://surveys.tell-us-what-you-think.com/s3/MCC-World-Cricket-Committee

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