Media Arrangements for ICC Women's World T20 2018

Media Arrangements for ICC Women's World T20 2018
Media Arrangements for ICC Women's World T20 2018

As part of its ongoing commitment to the increased promotion of women’s cricket globally, the International Cricket Council today confirmed a host of media enhancements for the upcoming ICC Women’s World T20 2018.

Women’s cricket has been growing at a rapid pace with 70% of cricket’s one billion plus fans worldwide registering an interest and following the game. To ensure media and fans do not miss out on anything, the ICC has added new features to the ones provided in past events like the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017, including audio news releases, transcripts and first-person articles from captains.

Following are the ICC’s new initiatives:

Audio News Releases – The ICC will release a 4-5 minute daily audio news release within an hour of the end of the last match, which will provide a summary of the day’s matches and include sound clips of captains and performers of the day.

Transcripts – The ICC will provide verbatim transcripts from each of the 23 tournament matches within 30 minutes of the media interactions of the day, giving media the opportunity to quote players in their reports.

First-person articles – Captains will be writing first-person articles exclusively for the ICC as part of the event build-up, speaking about their team’s prospects and the challenges they expect in the tournament. Apart from this, past women’s cricket luminaries will also be penning their thoughts in the build-up to the tournament.

The ICC will provide these and other features, which will all be available on the Online Media Zone. Other features of the OMZ will include:

Match reports and round-ups - Reports of all matches and daily roundups will be provided on each match day and previews and features on non-match days.

Photographs – A selection of photographs from each tournament match as well as from practice matches and other activities during the event will be provided for free download and editorial use.

Media conference videos – Unedited post-match media conference videos will be provided on each day, which may be used giving credit to the ICC.

Daily stats pack – A daily statistics package will highlight the performances of the day as well as sum up team positions in the tournament. This will be available in the Resources section at the end of each day.

Media Guide – A media guide with tournament, player and match official statistics, details about the venue, tournament, contact numbers and other information will be part of the OMZ in a downloadable format. This will be available from 1 November.

Articles and features – The Online Media Zone will also have a number of other articles, features and interviews in the build-up of the tournament as well as during the event.

Resources section – This section will provide the media with the playing conditions, match official appointments and other important tournament-related information in due time.

Contacts – Contacts of ICC media managers, venue media managers, team and other officials will be provided in this section.

For access to the Online Media Zone, which has proved to be of great use to the media during past tournaments and also during non-tournament time, please write to C. Rajshekhar Rao, sharing the e-mail IDs of persons needing access.

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