Mo Mo Mo... Get Your Christmas Oats With MOMA

MOMA, Britain’s best breakfast, are officially launching its Christmas seasonal flavour of Spiced Orange and cinnamon and MOMA’s little helpers have been working extra hard to make sure everyone get a taste of Christmas in the morning.

The Christmas Oatie Breakfast is packed full of British Jumbo Oats that have been soaked in apple juice, live low-fat probiotic yogurt from Dorset and all mixed up with the real fruit Christmas spiced orange and cinnamon flavour. The jumbo oats make these oatie breakfasts so filling and as well as being low in fat and low GI it is a really healthy and delicious way to start the morning.

Tom Mercer, founder of MOMA says “Breakfast can still be healthy and delicious in the run up to Christmas. At MOMA we have been cooking up a festive seasonal recipe to get everyone in a merry mood. Spiced orange and cinnamon is the perfect breakfast to get you through these winter months.”

Since August 2010, London based healthy breakfast company MOMA have been available in 34 Sainsbury’s Local stores throughout the UK as well as on various London train station platforms which has enabled yet more consumers to sample the range while on the go at prices starting at just £2.

Moma - The Best Breakfast